Little Lunch


Season 1, Episode 16 (The Pavlova)

3.5 61 x
For the birthday party of Max and Elsa, the weird twins, Mrs Gonsha makes a pavlova, which looks delicious, but is the most disgusting thing the children have ever eaten.
Episodes 2019

Season 1, Episode 2 (The Nightmare Before Graduation)

4.6 62 x
Mrs Gonsha's class is graduating from Grade 6 and everyone is excited about going to High School, but when they uncover the explosive news that Rory is unable to graduate with them, no one is eager to leave school any more.

Season 1, Episode 26 (The Relationship)

4.3 53 x
Rory is bewildered and confused when he finds out a grade six girl likes him and Debra-Jo can't understand why she feels so cross about it.

Season 1, Episode 25 (The Gap Behind The Dumpster)

3.4 39 x
Atticus decides to start a secret club with Rory, but after Rory invites everyone else to join, Atticus gets cross.

Season 1, Episode 20 (The Walk-a-thon)

3.4 22 x
The children face the difficult task of finding the right partner to be their walking buddy for the walk-a-thon. Tamara is determined to find the best companion who will assist her in doing the most laps.

Season 1, Episode 19 (The Cake Stall)

4.7 17 x
When Melanie decides to have a cake stall to raise money for homeless puppies, she asks Debra-Jo and Tamara for help. After Mrs Gonsha rewards the girls, Atticus gets jealous and sets up a rival fundraiser.

Season 1, Episode 18 (The Grandparents Day)

4.6 27 x
After last year's Grandparent's Day was a disaster, Mrs Gonsha is determined to make this year's celebration a great success. She has asked Battie's grandfather, a renowned inventor, to be the guest of honour.

Season 1, Episode 17 (The Germblock)

2.3 51 x
Melanie is very upset when Tamara 'germblocks' Melanie, the rule that forces someone to be isolated if they have done something disgusting. Tamara has accused Melanie of not washing her hands after going to the toilet.

Season 1, Episode 1 (The Halloween Horror Story)

3.8 37 x
When Atticus' mother gets a job overseas, he discovers that the day of the Halloween school play will be his last day of school. Suddenly Halloween doesn't seem scary, but leaving his friends, especially Rory, is terrifying.

Season 1, Episode 10 (The Thing In The Sand)

3.5 15 x
Melanie thinks she discovers a possum's head in the sand pit, and refuses to believe that it's actually Rory's craft project made out of a pine-cone and toilet paper.