Little Lunch

June 2019

Season 1, Episode 2 (The Nightmare Before Graduation)

4.7 33 x
Mrs Gonsha's class is graduating from Grade 6 and everyone is excited about going to High School, but when they uncover the explosive news that Rory is unable to graduate with them, no one is eager to leave school any more.

Season 1, Episode 1 (The Halloween Horror Story)

3.8 17 x
When Atticus' mother gets a job overseas, he discovers that the day of the Halloween school play will be his last day of school. Suddenly Halloween doesn't seem scary, but leaving his friends, especially Rory, is terrifying.

Season 1, Episode 26 (The Relationship)

4.3 23 x
Rory is bewildered and confused when he finds out a grade six girl likes him & Debra-Jo can't understand why she feels so cross about it.

Season 1, Episode 25 (The Gap Behind The Dumpster)

3.4 25 x
Atticus decides to start a secret club with Rory, but after Rory invites everyone else to join, Atticus gets cross.

Season 1, Episode 24 (The Corridor Outside 6 E)

3.0 5 x
When Max and Elsa, the weird twins, suddenly leave class without a note, everyone speculates as to why they disappeared. Before long, a ridiculous rumour chain is circulating.

Season 1, Episode 23 (The Election)

4.0 7 x
When Rory announces that he wants to be the Prime-Minister, Mrs Gonsha suggests that they have their own election. Debra-Jo runs against Rory, and Tamara joins the campaign trail too.

Season 1, Episode 14 (The Old Climbing Tree)

3.5 7 x
Battie loves the old climbing tree in the playground where he goes to sit and think. Debra-Jo thinks it's dangerous and should be chopped down. The children are divided and form camps to embark on a campaign to get their way.

Season 1, Episode 13 (The Joke Competition)

3.3 18 x
Atticus holds a joke telling competition and Melanie, overcome by shyness, is terrified to tell a joke in front of everyone.

Season 1, Episode 12 (The Beep Test)

3.0 24 x
Debra-Jo can't understand how Tamara's favourite day of the year could be when the class does the beep test fitness assessment. On beep test day, Tamara is very excited, but after she sprains her ankle she can't join in.

Season 1, Episode 11 (The Band)

2.5 13 x
Bored during a rainy little lunch, Atticus starts a band and makes Battie reluctantly join too.