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S2015 Ep13 - Sovereign Nation 25:00

S2015 Ep13 - Sovereign Nation

3.0 40 x
Sovereign Nation - The Yidinji people of Cairns are reclaiming their sovereign rights. passports, birth certificates and a police force are now a reality. But what does it really take to turn away from the Crown? (An NITV Production) (Current Affairs) CC
S2015 Ep12 - Best Of Living Black - Music & Arts 25:50

S2015 Ep12 - Best Of Living Black - Music & Arts

3.0 23 x
Best Of Living Black: Music & Arts - Australia's leading Indigenous current affairs program. (An SBS/NITV Production) (Current Affairs) CC
S2015 Ep11 - Inawintji's Story 26:43

S2015 Ep11 - Inawintji's Story

3.0 23 x
Inawintji's Story - Inawintji Williamson is an Anangu woman from the APY lands who suffers from Renal Disease. She has been forced to move from her remote homelands, family and friends to receive dialysis in Adelaide. (An SBS/NITV Production) (Current Affairs) CC
When women’s business becomes men’s business 25:12

When women’s business becomes men’s business

3.0 43 x
In this episode of Living Black, journalist Laura Murphy-Oates speaks to three ‘Brotherboys’, female to male Indigenous transgender people, about their process of coming out and transitioning to men. WATCH the full episode on SBS ONE, MONDAY 5PM, on NITV, Tuesday 9PM
S2015 Ep8 - Community Closed 26:19

S2015 Ep8 - Community Closed

3.0 22 x
Community Closed - Australia's leading Indigenous current affairs program presented by Karla Grant. Oombulgurri is a remote community in WA or at least it was until it was closed by the Government three years ago. Cissi Birch-Gore tells us what it’s really like to disconnect from your hom...
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