Living Black

July 2018

Season 26 Episode 4 - Classic Wallabies Exchange

3.0 1 x
The Classic Wallabies have created a fellowship to provide young Indigenous Australians a chance to visit South Africa and work alongside local people developing highly innovative community schools.

Season 26 Episode 3 - Strong Women

3.0 3 x
NAIDOC 2018 celebrates the invaluable contributions Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women have made and continue to make to our communities, our families and our history with the theme ‘Because of Her We Can’. While their role in society has often been invisible, unsung or diminished – Living Black reporter Nakari Thorpe travelled back to her birthplace in Victoria, to ensure the story of the women who inspired her is remembered.

Season 26 Episode 2 - Noel Pearson

4.0 1 x
Noel Pearson is a lawyer, academic, land rights activist and founder of the Cape York Land Council and Cape York Institute for policy and leadership. Widely known for his strong views on Indigenous policy, Noel has always advocated for a shift in direction when it comes to welfare reform, substance abuse, child protection, education and economic development. Karla Grant chats with Noel about Indigenous policy, the Uluru Statement and the documentary ‘Wik vs Queensland’ in which he appears.
February 2018

Season 25 Episode 10 - Kevin Rudd: Ten Years After The Apology

3.0 5 x
It has been 10 years since Kevin Rudd made his famous speech on the 13th February 2008 in the Federal Parliament when he formally apologised to Indigenous Australians for the forced removal of children from their families, also known as the Stolen Generations. It was a historic moment in the nation’s history and a moment that Indigenous Australians had been waiting for many years. Living Black host Karla Grant sat down with the former Australian Prime Minister as he reflects on his life, time i...
January 2018

Season 25 Episode 9 - Warren Mundine

3.0 3 x
Warren Mundine talks to Karla Grant about the road ahead for our First Nations people after the Federal Government rejected the key recommendation of enshrining an Indigenous voice to Parliament.

Season 25 Episode 8 - Thomas Mayor

3.0 6 x
Thomas Mayor is a young Indigenous leader who knows what it takes to fight for human rights. Mayor is the branch secretary for the Northern Territory Maritime Union and co-chair of the Uluru Working Group. Living Black host Karla Grant speaks to Thomas Mayor about the importance of Australia going to a Referendum and the movement towards Constitutional reform. Mayor discusses his involvement at the historic Uluru Convention and unpacks the recommendations of the Uluru Statement From The Heart a...

Season 25 Episode 7 - Mungo Man Returns

4.0 12 x
Australia's oldest human has finally been returned home after spending more than 40 years at Canberra’s National Museum of Australia. A crowdfunding effort by Indigenous leaders from across the nation, the Melbourne community and the archaeologist who discovered the remains of Mungo Man made this possible with a Return to Country event held at the Victorian town of Mildura in November 2017. Living Black reporter Nakari Thorpe was there for this historic event.

Season 25 Episode 6 - Tour Da Country

3.0 8 x
Starting in the remote New South Wales town of Walgett, Living Black reporter Kris Flanders follows the Tour Da Country cycling team as they cross almost 1,000km to raise awareness of bike safety and Indigenous health in regional and remote Aboriginal communities. Along the way, we meet some inspiring characters as they battle physical and mental challenges, and have many more rewarding experiences on this gruelling journey.

Season 25 Episode 5 - Tony Albert

4.0 4 x
Acclaimed contemporary Australian artist Tony Albert’s work has at times harboured a strong reaction as he tackles and attempts to break down Indigenous issues, historical truths and stereotypes. Living Black host Karla Grant sits down with Albert to discuss art, Indigenous affairs, his life and artistic motivation and how urban graffiti and street art is providing an artistic outlet for Indigenous Australians.
December 2017

Season 25 Episode 4 - Mutijulu: Ten Years After The Intervention

3.0 6 x
In June 2007, the then Howard Government ordered the Northern Territory National Emergency Response also known as the NT Intervention; a range of measures introduced to address allegations of child sexual abuse and social dysfunction in NT Aboriginal communities. The catalyst for the policy was the release of the NT Governments “Little Children are Sacred” Report. 10 years on, reporter Elliana Lawford travelled to the small Aboriginal community of Mutitjulu, one of the 70 communities impacted b...