Living Black

August 2020

Season 27 Episode 13 - Adam Briggs - Lyrical Activist

3.0 2 x
Journalist and Presenter Karla Grant sits down with the extraordinary Adam ‘Briggs’, rapper, comedy writer, actor and author to talk about his life, inspirations and how he uses his music as a form of activism. ‘Briggs’ also speaks about the challenges faced writing a children’s book and speaks about his new EP due for rel...

Season 27 Episode 12 - Steven Oliver - Cheeky Resistance

3.0 4 x
He’s cheeky, acerbic and always a showman, but there’s more to actor, comedian and writer Steven Oliver than meets the eye. Journalist and Presenter Karla Grant sits down with the self described ‘sexy’ comedian to talk about his life, career and his new film ‘Looky, Looky, Here Comes Cooky’ and why he set out to debunk the...
June 2020

Season 27 Episode 10 - Malcolm Turnbull: A Bigger Question

3.0 4 x
When it comes to Indigenous affairs, one of the most contentious parts of Mr Turnbull’s prime ministership was his rejection of an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Karla Grant sits down with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull where he reveals for the first time in detail, why he did not support an Indigenous Voice enshr...

Season 27 Episode 9 - Grave Injustice

4.0 0 x
After a 5-year struggle, a brave Gumbangerri family found where their lost son and infant brother was buried in the southern hemisphere’s largest cemetery and had him exhumed and reburied on country. What they didn’t expect was to uncover a racist and incompetent NSW funeral system or to find themselves proposing new cultu...

Season 27 Episode 8 - Voiceless

3.0 2 x
Karla Grant investigates why the 'Voice to Parliament' failed within days of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, and speaks with those at the centre of the debate about if a Voice ever stood a chance.
May 2020

Season 27 Episode 20 - Walk For Reconciliation

4.0 7 x
This special episode from our archives is in tribute to the Reconciliation Movement. 20 years ago hundreds of thousands of Australians walked across bridges everywhere including the Sydney Harbour Bridge in solidarity for Reconciliation on the 28th May 2000. It was a dark time for Indigenous affairs under the Howard Govern...

Season 27 Episode 6 - Gil Hovav

3.0 2 x
Journalist and Presenter Karla Grant sits down with world renowned Israeli celebrity chef, food critic and author Gil Hovav, to talk about his life, career and to compare language revival in Australia and Israel. Hovav shares the impacts of his great-grandfathers legacy on reviving modern day Hebrew language in this upcomi...
April 2020

Season 27 Episode 4 - Carla McGrath

3.0 2 x
Karla Grant speaks with GetUp! Director and former Press Council member Carla McGrath about her life, her career and to hear the inside story of her public removal as a member of the Australian Press Council. McGrath also explores what’s needed for constitutional reform in Australia, the challenges the 250th Anniversary of...

Season 27 Episode 3 - Archie Roach

3.0 2 x
Archie Roach speaks in a special interview with Living Black’s Karla Grant after the release of his memoir and album of the same name ‘Tell Me Why’. Archie shares some of his life’s struggles and heartache. Archie also speaks to the hope that he has for Australia’s future and that there may be more music to come from the t...
March 2020

Season 27 Episode 19 - Covid-19 Special

4.0 1 x
No one can escape COVID-19. In Australia, NSW has the highest number of confirmed cases, with a retirement village in north-western Sydney the epi-centre of deaths. Inside this village, lives Elizabeth Visser, an Arrente lady in her seventies. She is Karla Grant’s mother. Karla explores how her mothers survival depends on ...