Living Black


Series 28 Episode 20 - Dylan Voller - Life After Don Dale

3.0 15 x
Dylan Voller became known as the boy in the spithood, his treatment sparking the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory. But Dylan Voller is much more than his past. Living Black’s Karla Grant sits down for a very special chat with Dylan to discuss what life has been like a...

Season 28, Episode 18 - Ray Kelly - Too Deadly For Diabetes

4.0 24 x
Karla Grant speaks with Exercise Physiologist, Trainer and Author, Ray Kelly about co-hosting Australia's Health Revolution and why he's helping combat Type 2 Diabetes in Indigenous communities.

Season 28, Episode 17 - Dr Michael Mosley - Health Revolution

4.0 13 x
Karla Grant speaks with Dr Michael Mosley about why Type 2 diabetes is so prevalent in First Nations communities and discusses realistic ways to combat this preventable disease.

Season 28, Episode 15 - Keenan Mundine - Turning Points

4.0 12 x
The turning points in life can often come suddenly; for Keenan Mundine, the changes have been big and have had lifelong effects. From being orphaned, to homeless and eventually imprisoned at age 13, Keenan’s life seemed to unravel. But a conversation in the showers of a prison turned Keenan’s life around. Keenan tells Livi...

Season 28, Episode 14 - Heritage Victory

4.5 26 x
The destruction of sacred sites at Juukan Gorge in Western Australia shocked the nation and exposed flawed Federal and State Heritage Protection Laws. But in Northern NSW, the community of Breeza is celebrating the overturning of a proposed Chinese coal mine that threatened the destruction of ancient Gomeroi heritage. Livi...

Season 28, Episode 13 - Silence Of The Stones

4.5 39 x
Living Black investigates what happens when ancient stone tools are discovered in our backyards and asks if they should be placed back on country or put on display for education and reconciliation.

Season 28, Episode 12 - Missing Pieces

4.0 54 x
Journalist Karla Grant follows Michael West, a Stolen Generations man, as he seeks to reconcile his identity by travelling to his traditional country and to meet extended family for the first time.

Season 28, Episode 11 - Taken

4.0 78 x
Why are so many Aboriginal children that are taken by the State, forcibly removed from their parents? Karla Grant speaks to youth caught in the system and investigates where these children get placed.

Season 28, Episode 10 - Leah Purcell - Screen Queen

4.0 8 x
Leah Purcell has starred in Wentworth, Lantana and the upcoming film The Drover's Wife. Karla Grant speaks with award winning author, actor and playwright about how she became the Queen of the Screen.

Season 2021, Episode 9 - Steven Oliver - Sexy Man

4.0 15 x
Steven Oliver became a household name thanks to his catch phrase in 'Black Comedy', but he's now gone on to bigger things. Karla Grant speaks with the effervescent comedian to see what makes him tick.