Living Black

Season 28

Season 28, Episode 10 - Leah Purcell - Screen Queen

4.0 1 x
Leah Purcell has starred in Wentworth, Lantana and the upcoming film The Drover's Wife. Karla Grant speaks with award winning author, actor and playwright about how she became the Queen of the Screen.
Season 2021

Season 2021, Episode 9 - Steven Oliver - Sexy Man

4.0 5 x
Steven Oliver became a household name thanks to his catch phrase in 'Black Comedy', but he's now gone on to bigger things. Karla Grant speaks with the effervescent comedian to see what makes him tick.

Season 2021, Episode 8 - Tanya Hosch: Making Her Mark

3.0 2 x
Tanya Hosch seems to leave a lasting mark no matter where she works. The AFL is no different. She speaks to Karla Grant about the highs and lows of her time bringing social change to the organisation.

Season 2021, Episode 6 - Debbie Kilroy - A World Without Prisons

4.0 1 x
Karla Grant speaks with Justice Reformer Debbie Kilroy about how she’s standing up for women behind bars, paying unpaid fines for prisoners, and why she thinks a world without prisons is possible.

Season 2021, Episode 5 - Carly And Keenan: Struggle Of Our Lives

4.0 4 x
Life has had it struggles for couple Keenan Mundine and Carly Stanley, but battling domestic violence was something they didn’t expect to have to overcome. Join Karla Grant for this important story.

Season 2021, Episode 4 - Linda Burney - Creating History

4.0 3 x
Labor MP Linda Burney created history when elected as the first Indigenous woman to the House of Representatives in the Federal Parliament and the first Aboriginal person in the NSW Parliament.

Season 2021, Episode 3 - Troy Cassar-Daley - The Grafton Boy

3.0 0 x
Troy Cassar-Daley shares the story of his career, the musical rivalry he shares with his wife Laurel, and how he found inspiration to write music again during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Season 2021, Episode 2 - Aaron Fa'aoso - Strait Talking

4.0 6 x
Strait talking actor, producer and director Aaron Fa’aoso tells Karla Grant about his first foray into the world of television and about his new food documentary series from the Torres Strait Islands.

Season 2021, Episode 1 - Ernie Dingo - The Consummate Performer

4.0 4 x
Gracing our screens for decades, Ernie Dingo has made us laugh and kept us envious with the places he’s visited. Karla Grant meets with Ernie to talk about his life, career, and what’s next.

Season 27 Episode 13 - Adam Briggs - Lyrical Activist

3.0 8 x
Journalist and Presenter Karla Grant sits down with the extraordinary Adam ‘Briggs’, rapper, comedy writer, actor and author to talk about his life, inspirations and how he uses his music as a form of activism. ‘Briggs’ also speaks about the challenges faced writing a children’s book and speaks about his new EP due for rel...