Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman

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Season 1
The Daily Planet staff is assigned to learn more about Superman. Lex Luthor threatens to cause an endless succession of disasters in Metropolis to prove that Superman can't save everyone.
Lois and Clark battle a military UFO investigator determined to destroy Superman.
Clark Kent, an alien being with powers, works in disguise with fellow newspaper reporters Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to stop Lex Luthor and Dr. Antoinette Baines plan.
Clark, Perry, Jimmy and Jack try to prove Luthor guilty of the Daily Planet arson and prevent his marriage to Lois.
Luthor buys the Daily Planet corporation and destroys the building. When Superman is unable to declare his love for Lois, she accepts Luthor's marriage proposal.
Five terrorists invade the Daily Planet building and search for a gangster's secret vault, while holding the newspaper staff hostage.
Luthor creates a Superman clone and orders him to destroy the original Superman.
Lois and Clark investigate a rival newspaper publisher who they suspect is causing tragic accidents so his reporters can be the first to write the stories.
After Superman learns that the small globe retrieved from his spacecraft many years ago contains all the secrets of his alien origin, a teenage burglar, Jack Miner sells it to Luthor.
Lois and Clark help a computer programmer, falsely convicted of murder, combat a software virus that is destroying the nation's computer networks.
Lois and Clark investigate a world-famous magician whom they suspect of kidnapping the children of Metropolis' wealthiest families.
Lois witnesses the murder of Vincent Winninger, a reclusive scientist who reveals a powerful industrialist's scheme to destroy the Amazon rain forest.
After trying to deflect a gigantic meteor on a collision course with Earth, Superman falls back to the planet in a complete state of amnesia.
Lois and Clark pose as a newlywed couple in a luxurious hotel suite to spy on a corrupt congressman and a greedy weapons manufacturer.
When Luthor romantically rejects a jealous chemist, she threatens to spray Metropolis with a new perfume that will free romantic inhibitions.
Superman is banished when the citizens of Metropolis blame him for causing abnormally hot temperatures.
Lois and Clark investigate a strange green crystal found in Clark's hometown that depletes Superman of his powers.
Lois and Clark save Metropolis from the rule of several children, victims of a chemical experiment to increase their intelligence.
Lois and Clark infiltrate a criminal gang they suspect of setting destructive fires throughout Metropolis.
When Lois discovers that her father, Dr. Sam Lane, is helping a corrupt boxing promoter create an army of cybernetic athletes, Superman steps into the boxing ring to defeat the killer robots.