Lost Temples Of Cambodia

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Lost Temples Of Cambodia

After learning about King Jayavarman VII’s second city of Banteay Chhmaar, Pauline visits a nearby site called Banteay Toap. She returns to the hills of Phnom Kulen to see where remote populations of hermits once lived, and returns to Angkor once more to understand how this once...

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Season 1
Pauline discovers the ancient Khmer empire's greatest king, Jayavarman VII. Following his military victories, unprecedented building projects and how he shifted the state religion from Hinduism to Buddhism, Pauline also learns that he established the world's first free national health service.
British Archaeologist Pauline Carroll travels to Cambodia to explore the capital of the ancient Khmer Empire, Angkor, home to the world's largest temple, Angkor Wat. She discovers the huge carved stone galleries of the Bayon temple, which record daily life in their intricate imagery.