Love In Paradise: The Caribbean

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Love In Paradise: The Caribbean

Amber and Daniel's goodbye is lightened by his impending move to America. Steven second guesses proposing. Aryanna gets some unexpected news and worries about the future.

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Season 1
Amber stresses about Daniel's visa interview. Sherlon and Aryanna's alone time is cut short. Steven buys Martine a ring, but he isn't sure what her answer will be.
Aryanna's family leaves, and she moves in with Sherlon. Key makes a decision about moving to the US. Martine worries that she may never be able to trust Steven.
Daniel is worried that Amber is creating chaos in his life, while Amber seeks out reassurance. Key is still reeling from Mark's ultimatum.
Amber sees Daniel flirting with another girl. Sherlon struggles with the pressure from Aryanna to move to America. Worried about Key's past, Mark delivers an ultimatum.
Daniel and his brother surprise Amber with their plans. Aryanna's family pushes for Sherlon to commit. Martine's parents pressure Steven to be the man their daughter deserves.
Daniel drops a bomb on Amber after an amazing night together. Aryanna travels to Jamaica and is anxious about seeing Sherlon. Mark and Key have a passionate reunion.
Amber's vacation fling-turned-fiance causes her financial stress. Aryanna vacationed in paradise but came home with a big commitment. Mark wants to rekindle a special romance.