Love Island Australia

Season 5

Season 5, Episode 29

14 x
Adiós, Villa! Sophie Monk has returned to crown the winners of Love Island Australia 2023, as voted by the public. But.. will the final couple choose love, or money? #finale

Season 5, Episode 28

9 x
After Sophie asking the Islanders to chose love or money, all the Islanders make their choice. The Islanders all enjoy beautiful dates before the final couples are revealed.

Season 5, Episode 27

2 x
This morning the Islanders all meet the parents via Zoom. Later, Sophie arrives and tells the Islanders one couple will be dumped, and the Islanders must decide who it will be.

Season 5, Episode 26

4 x
Everyone is super loved up as the remaining couples wake up smiling, before finding their new egg babies! A psychic enters the Villa to give all the Islanders a couples reading.

Season 5, Episode 25

2 x
The Islanders enjoy the Hot Flush Challenge before Nakia gets a grim text. One unlucky Islander makes Love Island Australia history at the final recoupling before the finale.

Season 5, Episode 24

5 x
Some cracks are starting to appear for one of our loved-up couples. Meanwhile, it's finally time for The Heart Rate Challenge, which gets every Islander squealing!

Season 5, Episode 23

3 x
Nakia confronts Andy after he voted to send her home, and the Islanders notice the story isn't quite adding up. Zac and Lucinda prove that love really does exist in Love Island.

Season 5, Episode 22

3 x
The Islanders have entered the Make or Break Era. After many false starts, could Sav finally find her man? And new Bomb Harmony is on a mission to steal Andy.

Season 5, Episode 21

5 x
The Islanders are left reeling as the dramatic fallout from movie night continues. The Villain era is now over, and the last of this season's Bombs enter the Villa.

Season 5, Episode 20

25 x
It’s the first ever movie night in Love Island Australia history! Some Islanders are especially worried about what will be shown, and the fallout causes big drama for days.

Season 5, Episode 19

6 x
The Islanders all take a 'dig' at each other in the "Slippery When Wet" challenge. Andy is questioning his age-gap with Nakia, and another Islander is dumped from the Villa!

Season 5, Episode 18

5 x
If you thought the Nate-Trent-Georgia love triangle was done after the re-coupling, think again! Later, there is a villainous double dumping that rocks the Villa.

Season 5, Episode 17

5 x
Bold movies, bestie! Tensions rise as Tyra takes on Nakia, and a brand new Bombshell threatens one of the Villas newest couples.

Season 5, Episode 16

55 x
The two hot new bombs have warped the Trent-Georgia-Nate love triangle into a 4-way mess. Then, in the most Villain Era twist yet, an evicted Islander returns to the Villa!

Season 5, Episode 15

7 x
American Andy is proving to be very popular in the Villa! Georgia continues to be torn, while others are tested. Meanwhile, one couple sweetly whispers their first "I love you".

Season 5, Episode 14

10 x
Drama has entered the Villa after new Islander Andy rocked the boat. Georgia is stuck in a sticky love triangle, and - did somebody say "Bring in more bombs"??

Season 5, Episode 13

9 x
The Villain Era has well and truly arrived! With the arrival of a brand new Bomb, which Islander will jump ship, and who will be thrown overboard in the most villainous twist yet!

Season 5, Episode 12

15 x
Ryan is determined to shake up Zac and Lucinda, while new bombshell Georgia is turning a few boys heads. Later, the Villa is ripped apart after Sophie launches their Villain era.

Season 5, Episode 11

13 x
A hot new bombshell enters the Villa, and wastes no time in making an impact! Also, a recoupling sends a beloved Islander home, leaving the remaining Islanders devastated.

Season 5, Episode 10

4 x
New bombs Aidan and Ryan continue getting to know the girls in the Villa. As pots are being stirred in all directions, which couples will solidify and which will crumble?