Luke Nguyen's India

Luke Nguyen's India catch up

November 2023

Ep6 - Pondicherry, Chennai & Diwali

3.0 5 x
Be enchanted in Pondicherry as Luke delves into the French influence on its cuisine with Chef Jay, before heading to Chennai, and then finishing his odyssey with a vibrant Diwali celebration.

Ep5 - Chettinad, Kymbakonam & Pondicherry

4.0 12 x
Accompany Luke on a flavourful journey through Chettinad’s spice rich past, uncovering its history and savouring its renowned cuisine then indulge in a culinary adventure.
October 2023

Ep4 - Thekkady, Kerala & Madurai, Tamil Nadu

4.0 4 x
Luke heads to Thakkady's lush plantations of spices high up in the Western Ghats Mountain range and then embarks on a flavourful expedition through Madurai to discover hidden culinary gems.

Ep3 - Kochi, Kerala & Kerala Backwaters

3.0 8 x
Embark on an epic spice-seeking adventure with Luke in Fort Kochi where history and flavour collide. He hauls in a big catch with a fishing net crew and then navigates the Kerala Backwaters.

Ep2 - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu And Thrissur Kerala

4.0 14 x
Luke takes on culinary adventures in Coimbatore, making a giant family roast, unlocking secrets of the ancient Konganadu Cuisine, and mastering a Tandoor, then heads to Kerala's cultural hub, Thrissur to whip up a tantalising Chicken Mappas Curry and uncover culinary treasures.

Ep1 - Bangalore

3.0 9 x
Acclaimed chef and author, Luke Nguyen, returns for another culinary adventure, this time immersing himself in one of the most exotic places on Earth, India. In this six part series, Luke circumnavigates Southern India discovering the cuisines, sounds, and colours of this captivating region. Luke begins his journey in Bang...