Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea catch up

Season 22

Season 22, Episode 7 - If They Get Married I Will Eat My Own Scrotum

3.0 2 x
Liv and Tristan reveal that they're giving things another go, Miles asks Ruby on a date, James and Maeva try to reignite their passion, and Robbie has some big news to share.

Season 22, Episode 6 - My Heart Was Made Into Beef Carpaccio

4.0 1 x
Emotions run high following a shocking break-up. Liv continues to struggle with her feelings for Tristan, and Reza is worried his relationship with Sarrah could be at stake.

Season 22, Episode 5 - I Want A Man Who Buys Me Diamonds

3.0 3 x
Tensions reach melting point when Tristan is caught up in a lie.. Emily and Harvey hit another rough patch, and Ruby is unsettled by the idea of Reza hanging out with Sarrah.

Season 22, Episode 4 - Trust Is Built In Droplets And Lost In Buckets

3.0 2 x
Liv celebrates her birthday with a festival-style party, but with Tristan's new love interest in attendance, sparks could fly. Maeva decides to put her revenge plan into action,

Season 22, Episode 3 - I Think You're Dismissed Now, Not Silver

3.0 1 x
James fights for his relationship as Maeva turns to Miles; Nicole and Liv attend a girls' night away that could end in tears; Paris gets some surprise of information about Angus.

Season 22, Episode 2 - You're Literally Pouring Gasoline On The Fire

2.0 1 x
Following their tough break-up, Liv and Tristan come face to face. After Maeva declared that she wants to take a break, James takes drastic measures to make her see sense.

Season 22, Episode 1 - Did You Miss Me A Little Bit?

4.0 3 x
A glamorous party brings the gang back together in Chelsea, but soon there's a showdown between Miles and Reza; Maeva realises that she's unhappy in her relationship with James.
Season 23

Season 23, Episode 15 - Mallorca Ep 5

3.5 13 x
Liv and Tristan make a big announcement. And in a dramatic showdown, India tells Willow what she really thinks of her...

Season 23, Episode 14 - Mallorca Ep 4

3.0 9 x
As romance blossoms between Julius and Willow, Sam Prince decides to take her on a date too.

Season 23, Episode 13 - Made In Chelsea S23 EP13

4.0 11 x
Sam Prince's arrival opens old wounds with Julius. New boy Malek sets Miles up on a date, with disastrous consequences. Liv and Tristan are determined to give things another go.