Majority Rules

March 2014

Episode 26 A Stitch In Time

4.0 191 x
Becky and the gang embark on creating time capsules to retain their memories and experiences for future generations.

Episode 25 A Day In The Life

3.0 116 x
A documentary crew follows Becky and the gang around to document a day in the life of the teenage Mayor. What secrets will be exposed?
February 2014

Episode 24 Temporary Insanity

3.0 109 x
Becky hires a timid temp when Mrs. D goes on vacation. But things go awry when Becky teaches the temp to have more confidence and a laid back approach to life.

Episode 23 Me And My Shadow

3.0 95 x
Kiki finds her new love a bit suffocating, and decides to get an anti-makeover to get rid of him. Meanwhile, Jack and Becky set up their first official date.

Episode 22 Strange Bedfellows

3.0 84 x
Becky is exposed to the dark side of politics when Hop Ling's is shut down by the health department.

Episode 21 G Is For Gavel

3.0 54 x
Margo makes an independent film about a corrupt mayor and a young girl mayor. She casts Becky in the lead, without testing her acting abilities first!

Episode 20 Boo Who Too?

3.0 141 x
Rebecca 'Becky' Richards is your typical skateboarding, computer game playing 15 year old, that is until she accidentally becomes a candidate for mayor of her town, Mayfield - and wins! CAST: Tracy Spiridakos

Episode 19 Boo Who?

3.0 128 x
Becky hears noises while working late and begins to suspect that City Hall may be haunted. She mentions it to her friends and Jack tells them the tale of Lord Mayfield who died in City Hall.

Episode 18 Lost In The Woods

3.0 182 x
Becky and Jack have signed up for a wilderness challenge at a secret location. But they both miss the bus which leaves the school on Saturday morning, so they decide to kill some time by having free rein at the school.

Episode 17 Opposites Detract

3.0 114 x
Kiki's family is going away for a week and Becky decides to take Kiki in. At first both girls are excited but when messy Becky finds out Kiki is a neat-freak their friendship is tested.