Mark Berg's Fishing Addiction


Season 8, Episode 10

2.5 82 x
Relive the best moments of the season, from the epic surprises through to the massive fish caught, and of course, the celebrations of a record number of winners taking home $5000 worth of gear.

Season 8, Episode 9

4.0 34 x
This is the final leg of our fishing expedition to PNG. We chase the highly prized black bass in some beautiful freshwater rivers in the shadow of a huge, live volcano, as well as learn more about the Baia people. This is a magical place that stays with you well after you leave, and simply blows away this episode's winner.

Season 8, Episode 8

4.0 18 x
The Princess Charlotte Bay trip continues with our Fishing Addiction winner, John Cates. John has only a few more fish to catch to take home the $5000 worth of gear from Daiwa.

Season 8, Episode 6

4.0 18 x
The team surprise a young man from WA who needs a heart transplant with a fishing adventure to the Northern Territory. It’s a moving experience as we see this young mans fishing dreams come true.

Season 8, Episode 7

4.0 40 x
The team head to the very remote Princess Charlotte Bay in Far North Queensland with volunteer fire fighter, John Capes. The fishing paradise has an amazing variety of species available.

Season 8, Episode 5

3.0 47 x
The fishing adventure with Ryan and Alice continues. This couple so far have caught so many incredible fish and they keep on fighting to the very end to try and win the $5000 Daiwa challenge.

Season 8, Episode 3

4.0 64 x
The team take father of four, Terry Foden, all the way to the Western Australia Scott Reef, 300 nautical miles off the Australian coast.

Season 8, Episode 2

4.5 67 x
Our winner Brad Kearns has knocked two species off the Daiwa challenge and just needs to catch a Snapper of 5kg to take home the gear. Stay tuned as this one comes down to the wire.

Season 8, Episode 1

4.0 81 x
This week on Fishing Addiction they surprise builder Brad Kearns from Sydney with a trip to New Zealand chasing monster Kingfish and Snapper.
Episodes 2016

Wed 26 Oct, season 7 episode 9

3.0 56 x
Fishing expert Mark Berg visits some of the best fishing destinations around. Chasing a wide variety of fish, Mark is always hoping to capture a new species or develop a new technique.