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Married At First Sight: The Official Podcast

Tori and Jack tell all: what was behind Tori’s walk out? What’s their take on Jono and Ellie? And are they still happy? John Aiken shares the biggest lesson of this experiment.

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Season 2024
Did Jono's texts to Ellie constitute cheating? And was Tori's revelation driven by personal motives? Lauren tells all. John Aiken shares his final thoughts ahead of final vows.
After a challenging homestay, Lucinda reflects on what the experiment has taught her about love, life, and herself. John Aiken shares tips on supporting an anxious partner.
Sara reflects on EVERYTHING surrounding the scandal of meeting her ex. John Aiken tells why Tori didn’t react to Jade’s revelation and what’s going wrong with Richard and Andrea.
Eden has no regrets about confronting Sara at the dinner party and admits she wishes she’d ended their friendship sooner. John Aiken on the age-old question: when is it cheating?
John Aiken examines why things keep boiling over at the Dinner Parties. Plus, hear why Timothy likes to pick fights while Lucinda prefers to practice non-violent communication.
John Aiken unloads on locker room talk and the comment that rocked the experiment. Then, Tristan and Cassandra unpack their crucial intervention and how they’re working things out
Back in the Dinner Party spotlight, Tori and Jack explain why they're targeted and their 'alpha' status. Also, Alessandra Rampolla on why intimacy week isn’t 'sex week'.
An exclusive peek into Lauren & Jono's wedding, and hear why they're not buying what Jack is selling. Plus, hear from John Aiken on what went wrong with Collins & Natalie.
Season 2023
MAFS experts Alessandra and John reflect on each couple's journey as the experiment ends. Who grew apart and who lived happily ever after?
Season 2023, Episode 6 - Criticism, comfort zones and long-distance relationships of Married At First Sight: The Official Podcast was broadcast by Channel 9 on Saturday 18 March 2023 at 20:00.
As a general rule, intervening in a friend's relationship should be done with extreme caution... so when should you speak now, and when should you forever hold your peace?
What are the right and wrong ways to vent about your relationship issues? How can you manage a meddling family member? How important are shared interests?
Is cheating always terminal or can a couple bounce back? How can you encourage a shy partner to step up? Is romantic chemistry a natural phenomenon or is it sometimes man-made?
MAFS experts Alessandra & John dive into the commitment ceremony’s issues: gaslighting, why it's damaging to question your partner’s 'manhood', & signs it's time to cut and run.
Season 2023, Episode 1 - : Jealously, Trust, Communication of Married At First Sight: The Official Podcast was broadcast by Channel 9 on Sunday 12 February 2023 at 9:40.