Married With Children

July 2016

Sun 10 Jul, season 11 episode 24

3.0 25 x
Al and Griff want to get a massage chair, so they start bartering things to get it.

Mon 4 Jul, season 11 episode 14

3.0 17 x
Peg and Al go to a therapist, and soon break up right on the spot. In the meantime, Kelly wants to get a commercial job, but needs to learn how to box in order to beat the competition.

Mon 4 Jul, season 11 episode 12

3.0 118 x
Al starts to charge Bud rent to live in his house. Bud demands that he repair the basement, but Al tells him that he won't do it.

Sun 3 Jul, season 11 episode 9

3.0 22 x
Al gets sued after insulting one more obese woman who walked into the store. He must figure out a way out of it, or surely get punished.

Sun 3 Jul, season 11 episode 10

3.0 11 x
Peggy gets amnesia, and the others tell her she is the ideal wife of the family, making her a cooking and cleaning machine.

Sun 3 Jul, season 11 episode 11

3.0 10 x
Bud still has women problems, and decides to consult Al's help. Al tells him to aim lower, and soon he starts dating Gary.
June 2016

Mon 27 Jun, season 10 episode 25

3.0 11 x
Griff wants to win a trip to the Atlanta Olympic Games, but in order to get tickets, he has to answer questions on a radio show. Al happens to be the perfect person to help him.

Mon 27 Jun, season 10 episode 26

4.0 81 x
Peggy's friend from old times comes to the Bundy household, and begins to seduce Al. Al isn't very offended by this, since he believes it's all Jefferson's little scheme.

Sun 26 Jun, season 10 episode 24

3.0 9 x
Kelly gets a job in a commercial with Jefferson. Al and Marcy find it offensive when they find out they need to kiss.

Sun 26 Jun, season 10 episode 22

3.0 13 x
Kelly starts a love triangle with a couple who seems to have an on-and-off relationship.
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