Masantonio catch up

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 10 - Tina

3.0 52 x
Masantonio seems to have found a new stability in his life, but there is one last test, the most important and the hardest one.

Season 1, Episode 9 - The Town At The End Of The World

3.0 31 x
A commuter has disappeared. A station and a small train that have great meaning for Masantonio. This search will force Elio to make an important choice.

Season 1, Episode 8 - Home At Last

4.0 15 x
Luca, an 18-year-old with a turbulent past, disappears into thin air. The story of a young man like many others, and like Masantonio himself at that age.

Season 1, Episode 7 - Amor De Mi Vida

3.0 22 x
A former top footballer and the widow of a member of Genoa's high society, two parallel disappearances. Masantonio and Riva will have to find out what connects these two tales.

Season 1, Episode 6 - Our Father

3.0 30 x
To some, Don Giulio was a saint, to others a charlatan. Masantonio sets out on the trail of the missing priest and is forced to come to terms with his painful past.

Season 1, Episode 5 - The Biagio Paradox

3.0 31 x
A young physicist vanishes into thin air. In order to find Biagio, Masantonio and Riva need to navigate between paranoia and real dangers.

Season 1, Episode 4 - Like My Mother

3.0 24 x
The mother of an 18-month-old girl, Alberta, is missing. To find her, Masantonio will have to face his own demons.

Season 1, Episode 3 - The Game Of The Century

3.0 15 x
Little Thiago, 9, is missing. While the police follow the trail of the kidnapping, Masantonio and Riva plunge into the Peruvian community in search of answers.

Season 1, Episode 2 - Everyman

3.0 29 x
When Michele disappeared, he had just returned home after two years in jail. Masantonio will have to retrace the steps of a quiet man, whose life changed from one day to the next.

Season 1, Episode 1 - Masantonio

3.0 37 x
Every year, 20,000 people disappear in Italy, but in Genoa there's one man who has been entrusted with the task of finding them: Elio Masantonio.