Masterchef catch up

Season 15

NewSeason 15, Episode 19

4.0 3 x
Great frypans of fire! It's an Immunity Pin fracas as a field of faves fan the flames in a flipping flambé free-for-all. Who will face fab French foodie Gabriel Gaté in a fierce fight to the finish"

NewSeason 15, Episode 18

3.0 3 x
Two teams must wok hard to create a sumptuous banquet at a suburban Chinese Restaurant as they hope to takeaway a crack at Immunity. Will our judges deem their plates of fortune to be sweet...or sour"

NewSeason 15, Episode 17

4.0 6 x
Guest chef Donato Toce reveals his superb Viennetta ice cream cake. Pressure Test contestants will need ice in their veins to replicate the nostalgic dessert or risk being frozen out of the kitchen.

NewSeason 15, Episode 16

3.0 2 x
Contestants try to bowl the judges over by elevating humble breakfast cereals into nostalgic classics. Who will cry over spilt milk with a Pressure Test awaiting the worst cereal offenders tomorrow"

NewSeason 15, Episode 15

3.0 4 x
Slow and steady keeps their place! Facing elimination, contestants embark on a 2-day challenge with 45 minutes to marinate, pickle, brine and more in an overnight cook to finish off the next day.

Season 15, Episode 14

3.0 3 x
With an Immunity Pin at stake, whoever creates the best dish with a mystery appliance in Round 1 will earn first pick of flavour pairings and a 15 minute head start against guest chef Sergio Perera.

Season 15, Episode 13

4.0 13 x
As thousands of hungry punters descend on Melbourne's hip Grazeland, it's surf and turf for the masses with two teams vying for a shot at Immunity in MasterChef's biggest ever service challenge!

Season 15, Episode 12

3.0 9 x
Pressure Test elimination looms as three contestants strive to replicate Eddie Stewart's Tokyo Lamington Tower, featuring Snickers, strawberry matcha, charcoal pumpkin and yuzu curd meringue flavours!

Season 15, Episode 11

4.0 15 x
Big Week lives up to its name as the contents of MasterChef's biggest ever Mystery Box are revealed. Contestants must think outside the box and big up the flavour to avoid tomorrow's Pressure Test.

Season 15, Episode 10

4.0 13 x
MasterChef royalty Julie Goodwin returns, and survival is on the menu. Those who pick a wrong ingredient in Julie's seafood stew must cook to avoid elimination using only the items in Julie's recipe.