McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

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McBee Dynasty: Real American Cowboys

With the venture capital deal dead in the water, Steve spirals out of control at the "end of the season planting" party.

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Season 1
With the venture capital deal in danger and Steve dating other women, Galyna is at her breaking point; Steve takes Cole under his wing.
While the McBee men party it up in Nashville, the women of the farm plot to have a party of their own with a surprise guest.
The McBee brothers get into hot water with their girlfriends when Steve insists on a bacchanal boys’ trip to Nashville to get away from Galyna.
Galyna uses her leverage on the pending venture capital deal to move into Steve’s house permanently.
When the McBees travel to Montana to pick up bison, they connect to the land with their Indigenous American hosts; back in Missouri.
With the future of the farm at stake, Galyna issues Steve an ultimatum, and he must decide between Brooke and keeping Galyna as his CFO.
Galyna's discovery that Steve is having an affair with Brooke could mean the end of the farm; Cole returns from Fort Worth, Texas.
With a hundred-million-dollar deal in CFO Galyna’s hands, Steve must make sure that his love triangle between her and another woman, Brooke, doesn't threaten it all
McBee Farm & Cattle is on the verge of becoming a billion-dollar business.