February 2019

Season 1 Episode 3

3.0 9 x
As Alex comes to terms with the repercussions of his actions, and Vadim closes in, Rebecca meets a mysterious figure who reaches out to Alex with an interesting proposition.The couple fly to the South of France for a surprising weekend. While in London Dmitri slowly recuperates, as Oksana learns a secret that threatens to ...

Season 1 Episode 2

3.0 17 x
Alex reluctantly joins Semiyon in Prague as he ventures on a plan that will hugely cost Vadim's business interests. Alex is asked to put his own business in danger as the pressure mounts, and Dmitri's grief takes increasing grip as he spirals out of control, leaving the family feeling lost. Meanwhile, a young girl lands in...

Season 1 Episode 1

4.0 6 x
When his families past brutally returns, Russian exile Alex Godman is drawn into the murky world of international crime. Having spent his life trying to escape the shadow of his father's criminal past and running a successful London hedge fund, Alex suddenly finds himself having to protect his family and fight for all he h...