Season 2016, Episode 9

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At the Peterbilt factory in Denton, Texas, the world's most sophisticated trucks are built from scratch.

Season 2016, Episode 7

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The AW139 is the fastest selling medium class helicopter in history. Meet the craftsmen who make this 15 million Euro dream machine the helicopter that shook the world of aviation.

Season 2016, Episode 5

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Enter the Koenigsegg factory and discover what it takes to create one of the most powerful cars in the world.

Season 2016, Episode 11

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from GM's Pre Production Operations factory reveals the secrets behind the electric Chevy Volt.

Season 2015, Episode 4

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It's the innovation that transformed the world! From Henry Ford's original moving assembly line, to today's most cutting-edge incarnations, discover how it all works, and why it changed everything.

Season 2015, Episode 2

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It's the perfect blend of speed, manoeuvrability and devastating firepower. Find out how you build the meanest helicopter on the planet.

Season 2016, Episode 14

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Inside Ferrari's closely guarded factory, learn the design secrets of this incredible sports car at every point along the production line. See how it is created from start to finish and watch the ultimate 200mph test drive.

Season 2016, Episode 3

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The super sleek Audi R8 is grabbing the attention of sports car fanatics around the world. Enter the German factory where the road car, modelled on a champion race car, is crafted.
Episodes 2016

Season 2016, Episode 12

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Head north for the royal treatment at the Rolls-Royce factory in England and see why each ultra-luxurious Phantom takes two months to build.

Season 2015, Episode 1

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It's the mega war-game played by the equivalent of 3 times the population of Australia. Learn how video game creators took tank warfare off the battlefield and turned it into a virtual masterpiece.