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Melrose Place

After a heated confrontation, Michael admits his fidelity test to Jane, who then gives him an ultimatum: stop spying on her or the wedding is off.

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Season 7
Michael follows Megan to her former home at a California horse ranch and meets her long-estranged mother and invalid father.
Season 6
When Taylor's so-called "pregnancy" hits a snafu, she approaches Michael to impregnate her and help prove that she's really pregnant.
Craig blames Samantha for the accident that killed Sydney and her father. Later, a new surgeon joins Michael's staff at Wilshire Hospital.
Season 5
Jane goes to Chicago to visit her parents. But she gets a big surprise when she accidentally discovers that she was adopted.
After Jane inadvertently torches Alison's new apartment, she slowly goes crazy and begins to stalk and harass both Alison and Jake.
Season 4
After Jack tries to kill Amanda, falls off a balcony and lands in a coma, Peter promises to help Amanda avoid attempted murder charges.
On a secret mission to Miami to dig up information on Amanda's past, Brooke finds Amanda's mobster ex-husband, who believes her to be dead.
Season 3
Chris proposes to Jane and urges her to drive to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding, prompting Sydney to tip off Michael and Kimberly.
Amanda sees the message left by her father and calls the FBI for help. Elsewhere, the Coast Guard finds a half-dead Jake adrift at sea.
Season 2
Jake moves back into his old apartment, and Billy and Alison try to get him and Jo back together. Later, conflicts arise between Jake, Jo and Amanda.
A revenge-seeking Billy tracks Keith to Seattle and warns him to leave Alison alone. After Billy leaves, Keith makes a drastic decision.
Season 1
Jake returns home, stopping to chat with Sandy in the courtyard. But as Billy leaves, he bumps into a woman named Stella, who's looking for Jake.
Alison is impressed that Billy has worked on his screenplay all night. He drops off his completed screenplay, and she reluctantly agrees to read it.