Mikki Vs The World

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Mikki Vs The World

When Jez wins a competition to meet uber-cool pro-skater Helen Hawk, Mikki's Jealousy Goblin makes an uncalled-for appearance! Enchante!

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Season 2
Mikki finds out Jez's secret: he once was a super famous pop singer called Lil' Cupcake! The problem is, she can't stop telling people.
Mikki feels weird about not having a mum when she gets invited to a family picnic. Internet Lady and Jez hatch a plan to make her feel better by creating a robotic 'Mumsy'.
Mikki and Jez are super excited for the Psychologist's Line Dancing Ball, but the bouncer won't let Mikki in. She's got her ticket and she's a great line dancer so what's the problem?
Just before Jez's big graduation the Divorce Fairy turns up at the office on a mission to get his parents back together. Mikki's unsure and can't shake the feeling she's seen Divorce Fairy somewhere before!
Mikki's client Ash is ready for a new school with their chosen name and pronouns that fit them...until they're not. To help out, Jez tries to throw them a party with the help of Peta the non-binary, non-binary party planner.
Mikki ducks back into the office after work only to find Jez has been bitten by Vlad, the vampire security guard. But Jez should have known better than to stick his neck out, right?
Mikki goes viral on the social media app Flockr - for all the wrong reasons! Trolled by a flock of cyber-sheep, she asks her friends to help her deal with some serious cyberbullying.
It's the day of Mikki's new app launch and she's invited a special guest. Deep sea social media influencer Octavia is here to brighten up the party, but her eight-armed hugs are making Mikki feel icky!
Mikki is in love with Taylor until an unexpected text message changes everything. Can Mikki heal her broken heart (and stop it from farting so much)?