Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles


Episode 10 (Keys to the Castle)

3.0 34 x
Tracy heads to New York to be mentored by Fredrik Eklund, and to pitch herself to Douglas Elliman President Howard Lorber for a slew of new high rise projects in LA. Josh Altman tackles the beast of Bradbury Estates, Bliss Canyon.

Episode 8 (It Wasn't In My Budget!)

4.0 4 x
James and David make a pitch to represent the hottest new high rise building in Los Angeles. Madison's summer rentals are usually a breeze, but a wealthy socialite with tight purse strings threatens to put his plans on pause.

Episode 7 (Who's Your Daddy?)

4.0 9 x
Josh struggles to find the balance between planning his wedding and juggling clients who give a new meaning to the word 'picky.' Tracy's got a new listing with a first-time developer who has high expectations and a whole lot of attitude!

Episode 5 (Two Tops Never Work)

3.0 10 x
Flagg is forced to co-list with rival realtor Mauricio Umansky. Tracy lands a dream listing in Brentwood that quickly turns into a nightmare, as Altman gets an offer on his mansion in the Bradbury Estates that just might work...

Episode 4 (Hashtag Sell This Bitch!)

4.0 11 x
Josh Altman has high rollers from Chicago in town, looking to wheel and deal! If Altman can't find their dream house for an insane best deal, he'll walk away with nothing.

Episode 2 (A Tantalizing Offer)

3.0 18 x
Since dominating the LA market, Josh Altman heads to an exclusive enclave to try and snag a potentially record-breaking listing. He's put to the test when the sellers don't fall for the Altman charm.
Episodes 2019

Episode 11 (Co-List From Hell)

4.0 26 x
Josh Flagg tries to hide his nervousness when he whisks his boyfriend off to Paris to propose; Josh Altman takes on a Hollywood Hills listing with an unpredictable homeowner; Madison clashes with the Brits over their sexy Malibu co-list.

Episode 10 (Surf Vs Turf)

4.0 18 x
Madison goes up against David and James for a compound; Josh Flagg lists a historical home; Josh Altman risks his relationship with one of his best clients and friends.
Episodes 2018

Episode 7 (Zeppo Marx The Spot)

3.0 16 x
Josh Flagg lists a mid-century modern and must fight off developers who want to bulldoze it; Josh and Heather return from their wedding to find their dream house; James and David are asked to help a developer who previously rejected them.

Episode 6 (White Wedding Day)

3.0 12 x
While preparing to get married, Josh and Heather face off in a negotiation that could keep them from walking down the aisle; James and David try to bury the hatchet when they have a chance at shattering the sales record in Culver City.