Million Dollar Listing NY

Million Dollar Listing NY catch up

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 16 - New York is Back!

4.0 17 x
Ryan hustles to land his first new development under SERHANT. Fredrik celebrates his decision to go bi-coastal and announces new plans. KJ makes her own announcement.

Season 9, Episode 15 - Meltdown in Midtown

4.0 17 x
Steve hosts a private showing and becomes an unwilling host to a meltdown between Ryan and Fredrik. On the Upper West Side, Tyler hosts a Roaring 20s themed private showing.

Season 9, Episode 14 - Wined, Dined, Deal?

4.0 7 x
Ryan tours a $16 Million apartment with some challenging sale details including over-the-top staging and an empty swimming pool.

Season 9, Episode 13 - Power Playdate

3.0 9 x
Steve invites Ryan and Emilia to a playdate dinner at his apartment in the iconic Zaha Hadid building and discovers Ryan may have a client for one of the few available units.

Season 9, Episode 12 - A Home for Hope

4.0 17 x
Fredrik is introduced to the Ali Forney Center and is inspired to find a new shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ teens. When the search leads to a spectacular townhouse with historic roots.

Season 9, Episode 11 - Virtual Insanity

3.0 14 x
Team Serhant hosts private showings with an Australian buyer who's never visited New York but is willing to purchase property over FaceTime – if Ryan can meet his demands.

Season 9, Episode 10 - New York Upstate of Mind

3.0 16 x
Fredrik is assigned a live-in sale situation for a $15 million luxury penthouse. Inspired by his friend in the Berkshires, Steve stages a splashy open house at his Upstate farm.

Season 9, Episode 9 - Broker in the Rye

4.0 18 x
As real estate outside Manhattan continues to explode, KJ returns to her hometown of Rye, New York for a coveted listing and secures the help of her interior designer mom.

Season 9, Episode 8 - Downward Dog, Upward Mobility

3.0 22 x
Tyler heads to Harlem to sell a huge family home. Confronted with the new reality of socially distant private showings, Kemba and Tyler throw a psychic-themed Open House.

Season 9, Episode 7 - Virtually Freddy

3.0 17 x
Ryan reveals major news that he's opening his own brokerage. Steve unveils his renovation at the iconic Ansonia and negotiates with an interior decorator.