Travel Guides


Ep 7 Gold Coast

4.5 226 x
The Gold Coast is Australia's most popular beach side destination but is there more than meets the eye? Our guides indulge in the 5 star luxury of the Palazzo Versace Hotel as they explore, rate and review this iconic holiday haunt.

Ep 5 Top End

4.3 309 x
Our guides take to the road on an eventful holiday in one of Australia's favourite travel destinations. Despite the rugged beauty and grandeur of this Top End experience it's soon apparent that not everyone is a happy camper.

Ep 4 Oman

4.0 232 x
Most Australians have never heard of it but Oman could be the jewel in the crown of the Middle East. It's a mix of 6 star luxury and age old tradition when our guides stumble into a hot Arabian adventure.

Ep 3 Queenstown

3.0 243 x
Our intrepid guides have mixed views on going to New Zealand, particularly when they're thrown the keys to a motor home. But the spectacular scenery and extreme adventure soon has them thinking again.

Ep 2 Phuket

4.0 324 x
Our guides embark on an action packed adventure in Thailand's hottest tourist spot, rating and reviewing all the must-do's on a budget stay in Phuket.

Ep 1 Tokyo

4.0 315 x
Ep 1 Tokyo of Travel Guides was broadcast by Channel 9 on Wednesday 15 February 2017 at 8:16.


3.0 158 x
Six groups of ordinary Aussies take on the job of travel critics, rating and reviewing their experience in some of the world's hottest travel spots. In this hilarious new series, one person's holiday heaven proves to be another's idea of hell.