Million Dollar Wheels

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Million Dollar Wheels

After Chadwick's betrayal, RD sends a message to all the LA supercar dealers and plots his next move­. Melissa lands a whale of a client, but can she handle delivering 30 cars?

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Season 1
RD tries to sell a car to Josh Altman, but will his sales tactics work on the King of real estate? Melissa gets some business advice she takes to heart. And Chadwick backstabs RD.
RD tries to hook a new buyer on a $1.4 million McLaren Senna. Melissa has to jockey to get a Cullinan for her client. And Chadwick jets to Monterey to close a deal.
RD is forced to deliver J Balvin's Maybach with factory wheels. Melissa ups the ante with a 2021 McLaren Elva. Chadwick hustles for two Lamborghinis. Omar and RD come to blows.
RD is out for revenge after Melissa stole his client, but her next move could cost him more than a deal. Can RD save face and sell a Maybach to Colombian superstar J Balvin?
A-list celebrities. Million-dollar price tags. Friends turned enemies. Welcome to the LA supercar game. Elite dealers stake their claim to the world's most exclusive clientele.