Milly, Molly

April 2015

Biddy Bid

Expired 3.5 157 x
Biddy Bid is a happy old soul who loves to take Milly and Molly to stay at her place. She'll forgive just about anyone for anything... except Aunt Maude. These two women haven't been friends for many, many years now.
March 2015

Salt And Pepper

Expired 3.0 224 x
Milly and Molly earn the trust of two of Farmer Hegarty's big old horses. While the farmer trusts the horses, Molly, in particular, remains unsure. When they go for a ride, Molly is concerned that the horses might bolt.

Sock Heaven

Expired 3.0 114 x
Milly and Molly try to help Milly's Dad who has lost one of his 'lucky socks'. Dad's luck seems to turn for the worst with only one lucky sock, and most of the bad luck seems to be caused by Milly's cat Marmalade.

Jungle Gym

Expired 4.0 134 x
All the kids in Milly and Molly's class decide to buy some expensive playground equipment, a jungle gym. They are going raise the funds by making and selling biscuits, each person in the class contributing their own skills.


Expired 3.0 75 x
Milly and Molly find an egg and speculate over the many animals it could hold. They care for it until it hatches out a duckling. The duckling causes Marmalade the cat, all sorts of grief when he thinks the cat is its mother.

Ella Bella Boo

Expired 3.0 255 x
Ella Bella Boo is a handful of a toddler. But Milly and Molly think she is sweet and funny. Aunt Maude gets the opportunity to try to change Ella Bella Boo, Milly and Molly offer help but Aunt Maude isn't interested.

Heidi Untidy

Expired 3.0 117 x
Heidi Untidy is a great reader and Milly and Molly love it when she acts out what she reads. When the book she is reading goes missing, Milly and Molly help her tidy up her messy room.

Patchwork Quilt

Expired 3.0 152 x
Milly and Molly's class want to raise money to purchase musical instruments. They decide to make shirts and sell them. Alf's Nan can't afford material for Alf to make a shirt, so she sacrifices her own bed covering.

B.B. Brown

Expired 3.0 171 x
When BB. Brown comes for a visit, Milly and Molly befriend him. He is fun and charming, but BB. Brown is also a petty thief. No matter how much Milly and Molly try to change BB. Brown's way, the boy continues stealing.


Expired 3.0 214 x
One windy day, when Milly and Molly are flying kites, disaster strikes. The two boys with them are caught up in a stormy wind and the kites pull them off their feet and into the sky!