Missing Persons Investigation

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Missing Persons Investigation

Detectives in Sydney launch an epic search for a tourist with life-threatening medical conditions and the beloved brother of a best selling author goes missing in Victoria.

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Season 1
Police must defy all odds to find a missing four-year-old girl and a young Geelong teenager runs away from home.
Two men go missing in remote bush after a boys' weekend goes terribly wrong, and detectives discover disturbing new details in a 20-year-old cold-case of a missing teenager.
A father disappears in croc infested waters and a young girl walks out of her family home and never returns.
When police hit a dead end, a young woman stops at nothing to find her missing brother and new breakthrough forensic techniques may hold the secret to a 30-year-old mystery.
A man goes missing in mysterious circumstances and a patient flees hospital after a suspected heart attack but no one knows why.
Police launch two large-scale searches to find a father of two who goes missing off the WA coast, and a navy veteran lost in hazardous bushland.