Mister 8

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Season 1
The romance arrangement is tearing apart at the seams. Juho wants Maria all to himself, but Hermanni wants everything back the way it was. Maria's blackmailer isn't giving up, and the Hush-Hush Man is needed. Pietari retires and breaks some truths to Juho. Maria's kendo hobby proves valuable.
Vertti has an original idea about the future of the relationship, and Maria finds this out the hard way. Juho is licking his wounds, but Pietari sends him after Maria. Hermanni and Juho end up having to collaborate, and this doesn't go quite according to plan, as Vertti isn't who he appears to be.
Maria has begun to suspect Juho's motives. Vertti is not happy, but couples therapy is not working. Juho's ruthlessness seems to be working, until the Hush-Hush Man gives Maria information revealing that Juho has indeed been telling the truth, at least in one aspect.
Maria does not want a replacement for Darius. Vertti calls the men to a meeting, and Hermanni worries about the future of the arrangement. Juho becomes responsible for Maria's day off and Sepe's future. Juho's humour works on Maria, but will his scheme work on Sepe?
Darius' restaurant is the best in the city, but what is the secret of his vendace dish? Juho's trial period ends and he is now officially part of the arrangement. This is not all good news, as he can no longer live at Maria's house.
"Even though I may break, I float above the clouds. My horse leaps over the dark field. The man cried out in happiness and continued working his wood." Juho is in love, and two weekdays isn't enough. Pietari inadvertently helps both Juho and Terho. Someone is sending Maria strange photos.
Juho is pleased with his new life but wants more. Tuukka has been thinking about three things, which proves to Juho's advantage. Both Juho and Maria want it all, and this could be a problem. Pelle also has problems, albeit those caused by Juho in the form of a race.
A new job in a new city. Juho's new life is about to begin, and he has no plans to commit to anyone. But falling in love doesn't wait for the right time or place – although this time, love has clear rules devised by Maria.