Monarch Of The Glen

Archie MacDonald, a young restaurateur is called back to his childhood home of Glenbogle where he is told he is the new Laird of Glenbogle.

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Episode 9

Episode 9

3.0 292 x
Lexie throws herself into preparations for the upcoming Ghillies' Ball. However the task is much more complicated than she thought and it's not long before she runs into numerous problems. One of which is the arrival of a new stranger, Paul Bowman, with a secret.
Season 4 Episode 7 49:25

Season 4 Episode 7

Expired 3.0 165 x
The deadline for the payment of Hector's death duties is looming and Archie has run out of ways to raise the money. Kilwillie offers to buy land off of Archie but he claims that he is not interested.
Season 4 Episode 6 49:38

Season 4 Episode 6

Expired 3.0 76 x
While dealing with the large debt Glenbogle is in, Lexie stumbles upon a series of monthly payments that Hector made to a woman named Grace. In the meantime, an art dealer searches the estate for valuable paintings he can buy from the family.
Season 4 Episode 5 51:33

Season 4 Episode 5

Expired 3.0 69 x
Golly's failing eyesight causes him to accidentally let one of the wolves out of the pen. With a group of naturalists in the new campsite the group sets out trying to find the wandering wolf. Golly feels that he is no longer an asset to the estate.
Season 4 Episode 4 49:20

Season 4 Episode 4

Expired 3.0 98 x
Archie's old friend David arrives at Glenbogle bringing with him old memories and a business proposition for Archie. Meanwhile, Golly and Duncan continue to battle over Irene while Molly takes pity on a runt wolf cub.
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