Mt. Hutt Rescue

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Mt. Hutt Rescue

The med team fights off hypothermia after a skier takes a dangerous dive in deep snow. Mt Hutt’s biggest event brings carnage as athletes push themselves to claim the coveted Peak to Pub title.

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October 2023
A hit and run collision triggers an evacuation but wild weather cuts off access to the mountain. A heart transplant miracle boy faces another medical emergency & Med Dog Boots faces a big cancer scare
Doctor David discovers a serious leg injury, a masseuse self-treats a knee injury, and a missing family prompts a mountain search.
September 2023
An avalanche alert sends plans for the season’s biggest party into disarray. A family is left stranded facing a huge bill for cancelled flights. And an accident-prone snowboarder pushes it too far.
A snowboarding refresher lesson takes a nasty turn for a mum of two. Road Patroller Mikey struggles to keep traffic flowing following a crash. And a devastating injury blow for one of Mt Hutt’s own.
School holiday chaos as a massive storm threatens to shut down Mt Hutt’s ski field. An urgent helicopter evacuation for a 7-year-old boy leaves Dr David at the mercy of mother nature.
A bluebird day brings thousands of guests, and crazy drivers, testing Mt Hutt road patroller Mikey. Dr Kate races to save a skier’s arm, launching a daring plan to get her to the rescue helicopter.
August 2023
A ‘Code 3’ life and death emergency challenges Mt Hutt’s newest doctor, as staff race to evacuate two critical patients. A family run their vehicle off the mountain, triggering a high-stakes recovery.