My Impossible House


6. Historic Cattle Barn

4.0 15 x
George and Sarah have big plans to transform a dilapidated cattle barn into a sustainable and luxurious family home.

5. Futuristic Smart Home

4.0 12 x
Jerry and Kimberley have found a derelict church in their dream location and plan to turn it into a state of the art modern futuristic smart home.

2. Colossal Cathedral

3.6 86 x
Sean and Debs take on the challenge of transforming a 180-year-old church in Yorkshire into their dream home, but soon realise restoring an abandoned derelict building throws up costly challenges.

Episode 1

4.6 482 x
Follow Bob Chambers as he embarks on a three year mission to restore a one hundred and ten year old former Salvation Army Hall into a spectacular state of the art 21st century Brisbane home.