My Kitchen Rules UK

August 2015

Season 1, episode 10

3.0 197 x
Chefs Lorraine Pascale and Jason Atherton put on their judging hats for the final course of the contest. Which region will boast home to the best amateur cooks?

Season 1, episode 9

3.0 207 x
Hunger for the MKR crown grows. To enter next week's final, the three teams must cater for 30 VIP guests at a swanky soiree. But the judges have a twist planned.

Season 1, episode 8

3.0 105 x
In the ultimate test of culinary skill, the amateur cooks are challenged to produce restaurant quality food in basic camper van kitchens for 40 holidaymakers.

Season 1, episode 7

3.0 114 x
For round two of the cooking contest, the teams go to the Lake District to concoct the ultimate breakfast for 50 B&B owners. Which dish will get the most votes?

Season 1, episode 6

3.0 94 x
It's off to Scotland for the last instant restaurant. Two neighbours plan to show off the nation's produce to secure their places in the cooking contest.

Season 1, episode 5

3.0 103 x
Team Wales are the most opinionated contestants and it's time to see if they can take criticism of their fairytale-themed restaurant as well as they dish it out.

Season 1, episode 4

3.0 117 x
Team Midlands up the ante in the cooking competition with an inventive menu marrying fare from Ghana and Derbyshire. Judges Lorraine and Jason are intrigued.

Season 1, episode 3

3.0 109 x
Team North turn up the heat in Liverpool with an Italian feast painstakingly prepared for professional chefs Lorraine Pascale and Jason Atherton to score.
July 2015

Season 1, episode 2

3.0 155 x
The search for the UK's best amateur cooks takes chefs Lorraine Pascale and Jason Atherton to Essex for a chilli-infused Thai banquet concocted by two firemen.

Season 1, episode 1

3.0 229 x
School friends Clare and Rebecca start the competiting at their instant restaurant in Dublin where beef cheeks and sous vide salmon are on the menu.