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Nanny Tuta

The day has come when our friend Fennec is flying back home to Africa, so Tuta helps him packing for his travel. How does the Fox feel about it?

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Season 2
Do you know that Nanny Tuta really likes pancakes? Today Tuta will make a pancake dough and the Fox will help her. But where is the big spoon?
Tuta and the Fox send each other car letters - letters that are delivered by car. Tuta sends Foxy a nice drawing with ice cream and there is a letter 'I' for Icecream. What will the Fox draw for Tuta?
Nanny Tuta is very bored, so she decides to draw something. What do you think Tuta will draw? And who is Tutrobot?
Nanny Tuta loves all kinds of miracles and magic tricks. Together with the Fox they will show us some of their favourites. Follow the magic Foxy will play on Tuta...
Season 1
It is late at night and it's dark at Nanny Tuta's place. The Fox is very afraid of the dark, but Tuta is brave - she will look up the darkness to catch it, so that Foxy can fall asleep peacefully.
Oh my! The Fox is sick, she sneezes instead of saying the usual 'Coo-coo'. Luckily Nanny Tuta knows how to take care of sick Foxy, so she will be healthy and active very soon again.
The Fox has received a parcel from Fennec, her relative living in Africa. It's a beautiful gift - game of dominoes with fruits. Play along with Foxy and Nanny Tuta and find out their favourite fruits!