Nazi Megastructures


Season 2 Episode 6 - Kamikaze Suicide Bombers

Expired 3.0 18 x
As American forces close in on Japan in 1944, the Japanese turn to desperate new tactics: killer planes, rocket bombs, and super torpedoes guided not by machines, but by human pilots. Along Japans coast, the experts explore caves, overgrown bunkers,...

Season 2 Episode 5 - Hitler's Megaships

Expired 4.0 17 x
Hitler's Megaships - Germany is on the rise and Hitler has plans for world domination. He sees the battleship as the ultimate status symbol for his new Third Reich, and orders two vessels to be constructed that are bigger, more powerful, and more he...

Season 2 Episode 4 - Himmler's Ss

Expired 3.0 17 x
Himmler's SS - As Hitler's power grows within Nazi Germany, so does that of the Schutzstaffel, or SS. The SS has humble beginnings in the 1920s as the Fuhrer's personal body guard, but it also engineers Hitler's vision for a new Germany and a pure A...

Season 2 Episode 3 - The Wolf's Lair

Expired 4.0 7 x
The Wolf's Lair - As European countries fall like dominoes to the all-conquering German armies, Hitler becomes convinced of his own military genius. He plans to invade Russia and orders the construction of a huge, heavily protected command complex o...

Season 2 Episode 2 - Hitler's Siegfried Line

Expired 4.0 15 x
Hitler's Siegfried Line - More than 390 miles long, Hitler's Siegfried Line was one of the greatest fortifications in the history of warfare. The campaign to breach it took more than six months and cost the American forces 140,000 casualties. This ...
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