Nazi Megastructures

December 2017

S1 Ep6 - Fortress Berlin

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April 1945. Hitler is in the centre of Berlin, 10 metres underground, surrounded by 4 metre-thick concrete walls, safe from any attack the Allies can throw at him from the air. But the Russians are advancing on the ground the Red Army is lined up on the Oder River, and they’re coming for the Führer. Blocking the way are rings of ingenious defences, kill zones and strong-points that have turned Berlin into a fortress. At the heart of this fortress is the Führerbunker.
November 2017

S1 Ep5 - Hitler's Jet Caves

Expired 3.0 5 x
This episode explores one of the most technological advanced aeroplanes of World War II. A fighter jet that inspired a revolution in aerial warfare: the Messerschmitt Me 262. This is the remarkable story of an awe-inspiring aircraft, the subterranean bat-cave where it was built and the battle for air supremacy that decided the fate of the war.

S1 Ep4 - Super Tanks

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Hitler’s megalomaniac impulses led him to demand the construction of the largest tank the world had ever seen a mobile fortress weighing 180 tonnes. But even this colossus couldn’t satisfy Hitler’s thirst for enormous weapons of war, as he went on to request a land battleship weighing 1,000 tons. This is the story of the Nazi engineers tasked with fulfilling that dream, and an arms race that resulted in the evolution of super-guns and tanks.

S1 Ep3 - V2 Rocket Bases

Expired 3.0 12 x
The first ever long-range rockets were designed and built by the Nazis in a network of top secret research labs, underground silos and hi-tech launch pads. This is the story of how scientist Werner von Braun heralded the birth of ballistic missiles and laid the technological foundations for the space race.

S1 Ep2 - U-Boat Base

Expired 3.0 7 x
To create a safe haven in port for their lethal U-boat submarines, the Nazis built massive, impenetrable concrete submarine pens. Structures too immense to be hidden, they were constructed to withstand direct hits from even the biggest Allied bombs. Such was their size and strength that these pens still survive today, a testament to their engineering.
October 2017

S1 Ep1 - Atlantic Wall

Expired 3.0 12 x
To protect occupied Europe from an Allied invasion Hitler demanded the construction of a defensive wall stretching thousands of kilometres from France in the South to Norway in the North. This is the story of how this vast engineering project sucked in huge quantities of raw materials and men from all over the Third Reich … and faced its ultimate test on D-Day.
April 2017

Season 3 Episode 6 - Pacific Megaships

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In 1934, the Japanese begin designing the Yamato, the most powerful battleship in history. Japan's determined to retain control in the Pacific so builds a ship 30 per cent larger than anything their enemies have. Constructed in absolute secrecy, the Japanese go to extraordinary lengths to ensure no detail is revealed. As the threat to shipping changes, the Yamato is retrofitted with one hundred anti-aircraft guns as it sets off to battle at Okinawa in what ultimately becomes a suicide mission. ...

Season 3 Episode 4 - Hitler's Killer Subs

Expired 3.0 88 x
By Early 1943 Nazi Germany was losing the battle in the Atlantic. Hitler and Kriegsmarine High Command had been developing the world's most advanced submarine: Hitler's sea-daring super weapon. The submarine was capable of fast underwater speeds and phenomenal firepower that will outperform anything that had been seen before.

Season 3 Episode 3 - The Eagle's Nest

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Once Hitler seizes power in 1933, he transforms his Alpine retreat in the sleepy district of Obersalzberg in Bavaria into a vast mansion called the Berghof. The area becomes a magnet for the most powerful Nazis and Hitler's Berghof a show piece for the Reich.
March 2017

Season 3 Episode 2 - Lightning War Machine

Expired 3.0 21 x
In the first years of WWII, Hitler's Germany crushed its enemies in a series of lightning offensives. Extraordinary ruins scattered across Europe tell the story of a revolution in tactics and weapons which almost gives Hitler the chance to create his Thousand Year Reich.