Neighbours At War


Season 7 Episode 4

3.0 248 x
Whether it's unruly animals, dangerous trees, inconsiderate renovations or verbal insults, Neighbours at War has got it all.

Season 7 Episode 3

3.0 197 x
Tonight, theft, assault and cattle-rustling in Invercargill, as Southlanders Steven and Iain, threaten to roll each other over the shared lease of a farm.

Season 7 Episode 1

2.7 377 x
Tonight there's racism, homophobia and xenophobia in Wellington's suburb of Linden. Lana claims one of her neighbours is trying to get down her pants, while the other one is trying to steal them.
Episodes 2014

Season 7 Episode 2

4.0 341 x
Muck-raking, dirt throwing and trouble stirring in East Auckland. Blue and her neighbour Keith are boundary pushing and pushing the boundaries of their shared driveway in Mt Wellington.