New Leash On Life

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New Leash On Life

After a series of traumatic and tragic events, newlyweds Ned and Gabriella want to start a new chapter with a dog who'll give them comfort and joy. Will they connect with Scout, the handsome comedian of a dog? (Final)

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Season 1
Host Joel Creasey and dog expert Laura V help loved up couple, Ian and Gail who need a small dog to keep lonely Ian company while Gail's at work.
Grieving migrant nurse, Rosey, wants to get a large rescue dog to help fill the void of losing her husband. Will big, beautiful but very anxious Arty be too much for first-time dog owner Rosey to handle?
After a terrible accident, Tracy is looking for a canine to restore purpose in her life again. She's open to any dog as long as it's not a small, yappy dog. Can she overcome her aversion to a pint-sized pair of dogs?
Terrified Memphis faces being euthanised unless the right foster carer can be found. No one can get close to this seemingly aggressive hound except Derek. Can Laura and Joel win Memphis' trust and find Memphis a new home?
In their search to find Paul a rescue dog, comedian Joel Creasey and dog expert Laura V are drawn to Ringo - a vocal young German Shepherd/Siberian Husky-cross. He is both big and black, and the hardest type of dog to rehome.