North Shore

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Season 1
What happened the night Sophie died is finally revealed, but Max and Meg must decide how best to serve justice.
Abigail makes a shock announcement, as the detectives locate the crime scene and get closer to learning the truth about what happened to her daughter.
Abigail faces increasing pressure to close the trade deal, Max struggles to get his informant back onside and a breakthrough fills a crucial gap in the case timeline.
Abigail and Simon make plans to return home to the UK to lay Sophie to rest, but a last-minute change puts everything on hold. Evidence from an anonymous informant provides a motive for murder.
A public appeal by Abigail wins over the press, as Max's attempts to win over Meg fail and the case throws open more questions than answers.
When the UK Trade Minister’s daughter is found dead in Sydney Harbour under suspicious circumstances, detectives delve into the dark secrets of those close to the victim to piece together the mystery.