Obsession: Dark Desires

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Obsession: Dark Desires

When 18-year-old Misty falls in love with a man nearly 15 years her senior, Misty's parents warn against the relationship. But no one could predict the danger Misty is in.

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Season 5
When single mom Rosita accepts a stranger's friend request, she has no idea he's hiding a terrifying secret that will lead to a deadly game of cat and mouse.
Following her divorce, Cristi buys a new home that needs work. Hoping handyman Curtis can fix it up, she ends up getting more than she bargained for.
Sandra never expected such reprisals from Norman, a man she once called her partner. But when her daughter is caught in the crosshairs, no one can predict how far Norman will go.
When Katerina leaves her husband, he fights back in imaginative ways to cause her pain, including getting Katerina locked up for a crime she hasn't committed.
Young single mom Savannah and her son move to a new neighborhood. When her friendly next-door neighbor offers her help, she has no idea that a dangerous obsession will grow.