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Carissa is a Yorta Yorta Dja Dja Wurrung singer/songwriter and storyteller based in Boonwurrung Country on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

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As a music-maker and language revivalist from the south coast Noongar region of Western Australia, Clint Bracknell's work intersects with applied linguistics, ecomusicology and Indigenous studies.
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Sitting on the roof of Raukkan Church as featured on the $50 note are two of the men who helped build it. One of them is William McHughes, filmmaker Wayne Campbell’s great-great-grandfather.
Searching for ‘old knowledge’ on how to survive on Country is the passion of self-confessed young ‘bushies’, bloggers and partners in life Lydia and Jesse of L&J Adventures.
We follow today's artist as the Indigenous Lore art of the Bardi people continues to be created and given to the young men initiated into the tribe.