Our Stories

December 2018

Season 2018 Episode 24 - John Burns

4.0 1 x
John Burns 'Bombardier Burnsie' shares his story of the Battle of Coral in the Vietnam War and the impacts it has had on his life, love and friendships.

Season 2018 Episode 10 - Aunty Steph, An Adelaide Jewel

3.0 0 x
Following Ngarrindjeri Jewelry maker Stephanie 'Aunty Steph' Gollan as she prepares to participate in Survival Day 2018 activities at Semaphore, South Australia.

Season 2018 Episode 9 - Tell Me Tidda

4.0 1 x
'Tell me Sister', Cherisma Blackman sharing and experiencing her life, passionately talking about her life, living culturally and balancing living in two worlds Law and Lore.

Season 2018 Episode 8 - Man Of The Land

4.0 0 x
Leon Dodd is a Ngarrindjeri man who has dedicated his life to protecting animals and showing respect for his land.

Season 2018 Episode 7 - Les's Brother

4.0 0 x
Two Yamaji Aboriginal sisters vow to search for their deceased father's family, resulting in a journey to the other side of the world.

Season 2018 Episode 6 - Voice From The Desert

3.0 0 x
Zaachariaha Fielding is one half of Electric Fields, a mesmerising music duo that won New Talent of the Year at the 2017 National Indigenous Music Awards (NIMA).

Season 2018 Episode 5 - Yoonthalla

4.0 0 x
When the dancers from the Brisbane Murri school are sung a Bidjara Karingbal song that has lost its dance, they embark on a cultural exchange to give the song a new dance.

Season 2018 Episode 4 - Sylvia Nakachi

4.0 1 x
Sylvia Nakachi is currently developing art and resources to mount an art exhibition showcasing Torres Strait Island life and culture at the Logan City Gallery.

Season 2018 Episode 3 - Myoorrd - Traditional Fish Trapping

4.0 1 x
Against the stunning backdrop of the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome, young Bardi Jawi brothers must learn the skills of a fish trap by repairing the ancient ones that sit on their country.

Season 2018 Episode 2 - Songs From Home - April Campbell

4.0 1 x
Six Anmatyerr women from TI Tree, NT, meet up with some Kam minority singers from China to perform at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Through song, the two groups learn about each other's culture.