Outback Farm

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Outback Farm

Anthony goes gangbusters with the hay harvest, while Danyelle launches her tourist park.

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September 2023
It’s the busiest time of the year but disaster strikes when the brand new tractor breaks down, bringing the vital harvest to a halt.
Monsoonal storms approach the farm sending down lightning that starts a bush fire which heads straight for the farm.
New farm hand, Bree, is brought in to help Elijah prune 300 lemon trees, that are vital to the farm’s lease.
August 2023
Farm hand Elijah and farm caretaker, Shane, are left in charge of the farm while Anthony is away. While laying water pipes, they sever the main water pipe risking the farm’s entire hay crop.
Anthony and Danyelle Haigh start their new life converting a failed desert farm into a hay-growing business and tourist park, diving deeper into debt.