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Nhi and Carlos under pressure to bring an overdose patient back from the brink of death. Ben and Tarnya apply their superhero skills to a toddler struggling to breathe.

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Season 5
Dan is in a race against time treating a woman who feels like her heart is leaping out her chest. Laura and Aaron confront a nightmare situation after a young driver crashes.
Olivia and Sally examine a woman having potential stroke. Bill races to a man having seizures. The patient is going downhill and could lash out at the people trying to save him.
Bill rushes to a woman whose heart is racing out of control. While Laura gives a cyclist the all-clear, Aaron happily rides the man's pushbike home.
Daniel rushes to a woman having a life-threatening allergic reaction from a takeaway. Sam and Chris struggle to help a partygoer after an accident in the busy nightclub district.
A woman collapses with no heartbeat. Sally and Olivia fear a young boy has a head injury. Aaron and Laura help a footballer who's smashed her face with a school dance coming.
Season 4
A suburban shooting has Cam and Al battling to save a young man's life. Risky and Nicola are super-impressed with a spritely 92-year-old. Nathan and Jodie patch up a dirt bike rider.
Steve and Jade carry a fabulous range of painkillers, but their motorbike crash victim doesn't seem to want any. Teagan and Brett are called to a potential heart attack.
MICA Matt faces a grim scenario, as a dearly loved great grandfather's lung collapses. Brett and Teagan are on high alert, when a mother can't wake her child.
Alarm bells ring for Cam and Doddsy as a fit young man suddenly has multiple seizures. Leonard and Cullen attempt a trick-move to stop a woman's heart from racing.
Mike and Eamon worry a teen could have life-changing head injuries after a fall and seizure at school. Steve and Jade deliver essential care for an incredible woman.
Flight paramedic Steve and the team respond to a horrific crash, where a single-mum has gone off a bridge and into water. MICA paramedic Leonard helps a karate student.
Nicola and Risky find a driver who's had a seizure and crashed. Mike and Eamon get red flags treating a mother having a stroke.
Cam's confronted with carnage after a motorcyclist crashes into parked cars. New partners Jodie and Nathan rush to an overheated triathlete who collapses over the finish line.
Flight paramedic Steve and the team respond to a crash, where a single-mum has gone off a bridge into water. Leonard needs all his skills to help a karate student with cardiac arrest.
Flight paramedic Steve heads to the country after a tractor topples over and crushes a farmer. Taz and Erika hope for the best as a much-loved grandma collapses.