Pat And Stan


Valentine's Day Special: Nasalation

3.0 56 x
Valentine's Day Special: Nasalation of Pat And Stan was broadcast by ABC3 on Friday 14 February 2014 at 17:00.
Episodes 2013

Episode 39 Grand Hotel

3.0 60 x
Pat and Stan install a special antenna and receive twelve thousand TV channels! The antenna is hit by lightning and Stuart, Emily and Stephanie find themselves without any water or electricity.

Episode 38 Scare Me If You Can

3.0 55 x
Pat must win the singing competition at the neighbour's party. To gather strength, Pat swallows a whole sandwich and he's overcome by hiccups! Will he be able get rid of the hiccups and participate in the competition?

Episode 37 The Ghost Of Aunt Patty

3.0 43 x
Pat has just discovered a picture of his Mammy Madeleine. He wants to hang it in the living room, but Stan refuses. Pat discovers an invisibility paint. With this he can scare Stan by being the ghost of Mammy Madeleine.

Episode 35 The Great Vacation

3.0 48 x
Before leaving on vacation, Stan installs an ultra perfected alarm system in case a thief has the bad idea of burglarizing them while they're away.

Episode 34 A Short Break

3.0 51 x
Professor Chichi has repaired the remote control for Pat and Stan's television. But suddenly, the remote overheats and starts crackling and everything around Pat and Stan slows down as if someone had hit the 'pause' button!

Episode 33 Nasalation

3.0 50 x
The mailman delivers a small package to Pat. Stan grabs it out of Pat's hands and runs away to open it! The package contains a perfume spray which the advertising boasts will make everyone fall in love with whoever wears it.

Episode 32 Pat's Pet

3.0 44 x
Pat, in the middle of a 'cold war' with Stan, makes friends with a spider he finds in the attic. He decides to adopt it... to the great displeasure of Stan who refuses to live with an insect.

Episode 31 Aunt Martha Comes To Dinner

3.0 69 x
With the help of Stuart, Pat and Stan invite Aunt Martha over for dinner. They want to ask for the keys to her house by the sea for the weekend. Operation: nephew charm!

Episode 30 The Return Of Stuart

3.0 50 x
Stuart returns from his vacation. It's a bit of a surprise when he notices all his friends seem to be avoiding him. Downhearted, Stuart takes refuge with Pat and Stan, who although hesitant at first, take him in.