Paul Merton's Adventures

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Series 1 Episode 2 In Ibiza

Expired 3.0 232 x
Paul's visiting Ibiza! He'll attempt to lose his inhibitions with a bit of primal screaming and learn that getting naked, and dressing up like a woman, are important ways to understand this hedonistic capital.

Series 1 Episode 1 On A Cruise

Expired 3.0 290 x
Paul Merton jumps aboard the biggest cruise ship in the world for a tour of the Caribbean where he hitches a ride with the Jamaican dogsled team, gets lost on the reef in Mexico and is attacked by a local tiger.
Episodes 2014

Series 1 Episode 5 In The Alps

Expired 3.0 139 x
Paul takes time out to improve his mind, body and spirit in the Alps. But the road to health and happiness isn't easy as he finds himself performing with a Vegetable Orchestra in Vienna and under Doctor's orders in a Swiss clinic.