Peep Show

January 2017

Season 7, Episode 6 (New Year's Eve)

4.0 24 x
Mark and Jez go to four different New Year's Eve parties.

Season 7, Episode 5 (Seasonal Beating)

4.0 12 x
Christmas Day with Mark, Jez, Mark's parents, Mark's sister, Super Hans and Dobby. The family tensions grow throughout the day, which ends up with Dobby storming out, leaving Mark to pick up the pieces.

Season 7, Episode 4 (Nether Zone)

4.0 21 x
Jez and Mark are locked between Zahra's flat and the main front door - trying to get out in time for the baby's christening. When Ben arrives at the flat, Mark and Jez have no choice but to hide!

Season 7, Episode 3 (A Beautiful Mind)

3.0 20 x
Mark and Dobby's unsuccessful sex leads to Mark buying a dildo... Jez and Zahra are spending more time alone, and Mark ends up in such a rage with a customer he pees in their jalapeno sauce!

Season 7, Episode 2 (Man Jam)

3.0 15 x
Mark and Gerrard, still vying for the love of Dobby, stalk her on Facebook together. Ben is so thankful to Jez for being supportive to Zahra he offers him a manager role with his trendy music company.

Season 7, Episode 1 (St Hospital)

4.0 12 x
Mark & Jeremy are at the hospital- Sophie is about to give birth. Tension between Mark & Sophie in the delivery room is high. Meanwhile, Jez is on the pull in the hospital & chats up a woman.

Season 6, Episode 6

4.0 9 x
Time is running out for Jeremy as Elena and Gail's marriage is imminent. However, he thinks there may be a way to win Elena back. Meanwhile Mark is worried that Jeff is becoming a potential rival dad.

Season 6, Episode 5

3.0 19 x
As a last desperate hurrah before the baby arrives, Mark and Jeremy decide to throw a party. However, both have very different ideas about what makes an ideal evening.

Season 6, Episode 4

4.0 13 x
Mark discovers that Elena, Jeremy's girlfriend, has a guilty secret. Should he tell Jez when he is clearly so happy? In addition, Alan Johnson offers Mark the chance to go into business with him.

Season 6, Episode 3

4.0 11 x
Jeremy realises that he's in love with Elena, and decides to be generally less selfish to win her affection; and with Dobby's help, Mark goes after the 'job of his dreams'.