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Catch up TV on Peep Show. Watch the latest and all other episodes of Peep Show now online, broadcasted on ABC2. Catch up on your favorite ABC2 TV show: Peep Show. Replay tv on its best! Despite being bullied on the street by the local children, Mark (David Mitchell) sets himself the task of sleeping with the divorcee Toni (Elizabeth Marmur) by basing his seduction technique on the Battle of Stalingrad.

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Season 9, Episode 6 26:00

Season 9, Episode 6

3.0 23 x
Jeremy is turning 40 and it's hitting him hard. He's taking some extreme measures to keep up but his choice of restorative drink isn't to everybody's taste. Meanwhile Mark's job and love life hang in the balance.
Season 9, Episode 5 24:00

Season 9, Episode 5

3.0 13 x
Jeremy and Super Hans are coming to blows over the rights to a music track they wrote and Mark has a date with his son, but things don't quite go to plan when his disastrous love life gets more complicated than it already is.
Season 9, Episode 4 26:00

Season 9, Episode 4

3.0 21 x
Mark is willing to go to some quite extraordinary lengths to try and win the woman of his dreams. Jeremy on the other hand is getting a tough dose of reality from a client.
Season 9, Episode 3 26:00

Season 9, Episode 3

3.0 12 x
Mark is dealing with matters of the heart; a girl he has had a crush on since university is launching her new book and he seizes the opportunity to see her but it's Jez who finally gets to have his cake and eat it.
Season 9, Episode 2 26:00

Season 9, Episode 2

3.0 15 x
Friends again & reunited in the flat, Mark & Jez are getting on with life but there's an ongoing battle over the temperature in the flat. Mark finds out a little more than he bargained for about Jez.
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