Picker Sisters


7. Must Love Rust

3.0 3 x
Tanya and Tracy sift through the attic of an old peanut shop, the mountains of metal in a junkyard, and the hallowed halls of a defunct hospital.
Episodes 2019

4. Don't Be A Pecky Head

3.0 7 x
Tracy and Tanya brave the swamps of Mississippi and discover a slew of gems, including a vintage Harley Davidson that they hope will become a piece worthy of the coolest customer.

6. Pickin' For Peanuts

3.0 2 x
Tracy and Tanya delve back into the South and find inspiration everywhere they turn, including the eclectic garden of a sculptor and an unused grain silo.

3. Motorcycles And Meat Sauce

3.0 3 x
It's back to Cajun Country where Tanya and Tracy seek out more unique pieces to transform into beautiful home decor. Back in LA, Alan struggles to understand the girls' vision.

1. Texas, Here We Come

3.0 12 x
Tanya and Tracy hit their home state of Texas on a quest for amazing junk. Meanwhile, the pressure's on Alan to get the store ready back in L.A.

2. The Promise Of An Empty Trailer

4.0 7 x
Tracy and Tanya head to Louisiana on a mission to pick the coolest Cajun junk. A sugar cane farm and a historic sugar mill yield a bounty of raw materials that the girls can't wait to transform.