Play School: World By Night

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Play School: World By Night

Michelle and Matt are out and about on nighttime adventures! Join them with Joey on an exciting trip to the Play School Moonlight Cinema and head to the festival of lights for a special surprise in the sky.

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Season 362
Kaeng and Abi are joined by special guest Kirsten, an astronomer who shows us how the earth spins, turning day into night. All together with Kiya and Jemima, they head to the outback to discover the dark emu constellation.
Michele and Alex make tasty overnight bircher muesli - ready for the morning! They tell the story of Big Ted's Big Bread Bakery and explore the different types of jobs people do in the city at night.
Alex and Rachael make a glow worm diorama using awesome glow-in-the-dark paint! They're joined by special guest Ravi and his Barn Owl, Diva! The toys go camping in the bush and see animals that come out at night.
Abi and Rachael play a dress up game as they get ready for bed. They make crafty paper lanterns to help tell the story "Too Dark" with Big Ted, Little Ted and Maurice who are all settling in for the night.