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Police Interceptors

The firearms team gets locked into a stand-off against potential drug dealers.

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Season 17
A gang of burglars have broken into a house and swiped the keys to luxury cars.
Dan and Tom have their hands full as they attempt to nick a driver who is four times over the limit.
The interceptors chase down two separate runaways using wildly different tactics. Plus, dog handler Duncan assists armed response officers in Leeds city centre.
A man makes a break for it after ploughing into a parked car, a suspect is not keen on wearing a set of cuffs.
A reckless driver gives Sergeant Steve the slip in bad weather but whatever their wiles on the ground, the sly suspect cannot escape the eye in the sky.
A runaway driver flees an accident in a decommissioned ambulance, then crashes through a level crossing and ditches his ride on a live railway line.
Interceptor Mick leads a team raiding two flats whose occupants are suspected of producing and selling spice. Duncan is involved in a high-speed pursuit.
Sergeant Mick and the Operational Support Unit carry out a raid on a house with suspected drug activity, and uncover a cannabis farm in the loft.
Dog handler Steve rides to the aid of the team after reports of a man drawing a gun on a pizza delivery driver; Charley and Wayne takeaway a drunk driver at the drive thru.
Ben and Matt find themselves on a high speed pursuit which ends up on a road to nowhere; Kev and Spencer assist in a TPAC, Carl and Wayne nearly become victims of a man's driving.
A suspect assaults Steve with his car keys, Charlie and Paul pursue a Corsa that stole fuel and Chris and Sophie spot a bunny hopping learner driver.
Pursued by a helicopter and a team of armed response vehicles, two men armed with machetes and a sawn-off shotgun make a dramatic escape on a motorbike.
Eight police cars and the eye in the sky hunt down a high powered Porsche Cayenne that is causing carnage; goading the interceptors and even taking out police cars.