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Police Strike Force

The inside story of the most gripping, heart-stopping, tense and nerve-racking Australian police investigations, stings and taskforce operations.

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Season 1
Gangs of youths stealing high performance cars target standing police to avoid arrest, Marine police take to sea in a storm to search for a missing sailor and grass, worth millions, goes up in smoke
It’s a miracle a high speed chase doesn’t end in disaster for one hell driver and see first hand how detectives locate the arsonists responsible for $10 million of damages to an historic building.
Join the desperate manhunt for a double-murderer. Strike Force Northrop cracks the code of a new method of selling cocaine and Strike Force Raptor escorts a high-profile criminal from jail.
In one the more bizarre tales, Strike Force pull off one of Australia’s largest drug busts, taking down some dopey cocaine cowboys in the process and an outlaw motorcycle gang is brought to its knees.
Police Strike Force teams take down Australia’s outlaw motorcycle gangs, crack the code on cocaine sellers ‘Dial-a-Dealer’ service, and put their lives on the line to bring down an ICE drug-runner.