Portrait Of A City

October 2016

Ep6 - Madrid

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Madrid - There is a magnificence to Madrid that any portrait painter would struggle to capture, although once seen this is a city that will never be forgotten. With ancient Arab influences and a stylish European culture, this city displays a truly e...

Ep5 - Vienna

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Vienna - A portrait of Vienna would never be complete without music, having inspired such tuneful greats as Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss to create the most memorable of melodic moments. From the beautiful Palaces where young Mozart precociously pla...

Ep4 - Moscow

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Moscow - To this day there is something mysterious and magical about the city of Moscow, so long hidden from the eyes of the western world behind the Iron curtain. Yet the glorious treasures of such landmarks as St Basil's Cathedral still remain, as...

Ep3 - Rome

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Rome - All roads might lead to Rome, where visitors experience a beautiful city as well as a civilisation, and when you've seen for yourself what draws them here, it's easy to understand their reluctance to ever take to the road again. To paint a co...
September 2016

Ep1 - Paris

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Paris - This enchanting new series takes viewers through the secrets of the past, delights of the present and hopes for the future in six of Europe’s most beautiful locations. Mention Paris and for most people, their immediate thoughts will be of ro...
November 2013

Ep2 - London

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London - There is no mistaking the Royal heritage of London, with its grand palaces and regal green parks, but the portrait of this amazing city reflects a great deal more than the progress of various Kings and Queens down through the ages. From med...