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When I was growing up, dessert at a barbecue was an afterthought. Sliced watermelon or fruit salad, maybe pie from a local bakery. It never occurred to us to grill dessert. How times have changed!

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Season 3
This show focuses on my favourite food growing up. This Project Fire version starts with a blazing wood fire. In this show a native son returns home to grill and eat crab!
Ever since our prehistoric ancestors first put food to fire, cooks have contrived ingenious and not always conventional ways to harness the flames. We explore three unexpected techniques for grilling.
Texans brag about brisket and Carolinians praise pulled pork shoulder. For the rest of us, the ultimate symbol of barbecues is ribs. The rack you relish depends on where you fire up ypur grill.
Celebrate Italian grilling and the food of Little Italy's around North America, honouring their reverence for simplicity and fresh seasonal ingredients, and the American passion for big flavours.
From its humble origins as a picnic served from the back of a buckboard wagon to today's high-tech, high-octane outdoor foodie extravaganzas, tailgating continues to enthral American sports fans.
Pollution. Overfishing. Abusive labour practices. There's been a lot of negative news coming out about the seafood industry. This show celebrates sustainable seafood that we can eat.
With we're all feeling the pinch, and budget grilling has taken on new urgency. Why should Kobe beef and tomahawk steaks get all the love? This is barbecue on a budget.
Baltimore may lack the barbecue bona fides of Houston or Kansas City. But the town boasts plenty of awesome foods for grilling - pit beef, sweet white-fleshed fish, jaw-stretching sandwiches.
You don't need a degree in barbecue to know that vegetables have hit the grill big time. Vegetables for everyone - who delights in the smokiness and supernatural sweetness live fire imparts to plant and dairy foods.
For the rest of us, the ultimate symbol of barbecue - and test of a grill master's mettle - is ribs. But just which rack you relish depends on where you fire up your smoker or grill.
Steak. Few other words in the English language have such power to make our hearts beat faster and our mouths water than sizzling slabs of beef seared over live fire.
In today's show, we harness the flavour-boosting, fat-melting power of live fire to produce grilled fare that not only tastes good, but is good for you.