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Season 15

Season 15, Episode 32 - Religion, Economics And Extremism

4.0 23 x
The Q+A panel discuss global economic insecurity, Australia's cost of living crisis, and racism in sport and politics.

Season 15, Episode 31 - Corruption, Sport And Big Corporates: Who Can We Trust?

4.0 9 x
Stan Grant and the panel discuss the long-awaited federal anti-corruption commission, the Optus data breach, and the shocking allegations of racism in the AFL.

Season 15, Episode 30

4.0 15 x
For most Australians, the Queen is the only monarch they've ever known. So what does her death mean for the nation? Is now the time to reopen the debate on a republic? How the world is in flux and democracy is under threat.

Season 15, Episode 29

3.0 18 x
Emmy Award-winning actor Brian Cox, singer/songwriter Marlon Williams, Deborah Cheetham, Andrew Quilty and Catherine McGregor discuss ambition, power and who gets to tell stories on the panel for Melbourne Writers' Festival.

Season 15, Episode 28

3.0 42 x
Finding common ground. In an increasingly fractured world - politically, economically and geographically - what will it take to resolve some of the big issues facing us today? The panel cover technology, climate and justice.

Season 15, Episode 27

3.0 20 x
Q+A tackles the complex issue of ethics in sport. Sport is a defining element of Australian culture, but in the land of the "fair go" just how level is our playing field? We discuss fairness, inclusivity and personal beliefs.

Season 15, Episode 26 - Live From Penrith

4.9 134 x
Q+A heads to western Sydney to discuss an extraordinary week in federal politics and the issues that impact people's lives and livelihoods. Trust, secrecy and integrity are again in the spotlight, as well as flood recovery.

Season 15, Episode 25

4.0 21 x
Q+A looks into the big global issues causing ripples around the world. Rising tensions in the wake of Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, inflation and interest rates biting, plus a review of Australia's military preparedness.

Season 15, Episode 24

4.0 6 x
A glimpse into the future. How can we tackle the complex problems facing society? The panel discuss megatrends such as extreme weather, food security, health, AI, autonomous systems, the digital world and geopolitical shifts.
Episodes expected soon

Season 16, Episode 1

Expected on
Q+A is back to debate the issues on the news agenda in 2023 including a referendum on a First Nations Voice, crime in Alice Springs, Jan 26, cost-of-living, pressure on the health and aged care systems, and climate change.