Season 14

Season 14, Episode 37

4.0 8 x
The hotly-disputed pathway to net zero. As world leaders prepare to gather in Glasgow, can talks between the Liberal and National parties deliver a deal that will put Australia on track to reach net zero emissions by 2050?

Season 14, Episode 36 - A Careful Reopening

3.0 6 x
Finding the right balance as Australia takes a major step closer to living with COVID-19. NSW leads the nation out of the pandemic but what does it mean for COVID-zero states? Plus climate policy and political transparency.

Season 14, Episode 35 - Online Crime, Misinformation, And The Shock Departure Of Gladys Berejiklian

3.0 11 x
The NSW Government in turmoil after Gladys Berejiklian resigned due to an ICAC inquiry. Plus remote work and study - the online risks from phone-based scams, cyber attacks and extremist groups actively recruiting new members.

Season 14, Episode 34 - The Ethics Of Mandatory Vaccinations

4.0 12 x
David Speers and the panel discuss the vexed issue of mandatory vaccination, vaccine passports and roadmaps out of lockdown and border closures. Plus high-level international diplomacy and a net-zero emissions target by 2050.

Season 14, Episode 33 - Science Special

4.0 16 x
The response to the COVID pandemic thrust scientists into the public eye. What Comes Next? Some of Australia's finest scientific minds look to the future to discuss quantum computers, AI, nuclear-powered submarines and more.

Season 14, Episode 32

4.0 28 x
Have we traded away too many freedoms in the name of COVID safety? How will vaccine passports work and who will miss out? Plus we check in on regional Indigenous communities dealing with COVID outbreaks. Hosted by Stan Grant.

Season 14, Episode 31 - Melbourne Writers Festival

4.0 19 x
Q+A explores the power of words in the workplace, on the sporting field and big business. The panel discuss vaping, racism in sport, growing inequality, power and consent, alternative futures and challenging big corporations.

Season 14, Episode 30 - Keeping Women Safe

4.0 30 x
Violence against women and children in Australia continues at a terrifying rate, despite increased awareness in recent years. Q+A looks at the why the horror statistics persist and what can be done. Hosted by David Speers.

Season 14, Episode 29

4.0 27 x
Q+A puts young people front and centre on the panel and asking questions from around the country. The Delta variant is radically changing the face of COVID and we're seeing a rising number of infections in children and teens.

Season 14, Episode 28 - Fall Of Afghanistan

3.0 19 x
The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan. Deadly chaos erupted at Kabul airport as locals attempted to flee, while Western countries scramble to evacuate their personnel. David Speers and the panel discuss the situation.