Season 15

Season 15, Episode 20

4.0 9 x
Q+A looks at the cost-of-living crisis, visiting Werribee on Melbourne's western fringe, one of Australia's fastest-growing regions. Households face price pressures, interest rates, soaring energy bills and worker shortages.

Season 15, Episode 19

3.0 6 x
Q+A looks at Australia's energy crisis - what is the Government doing about it and what does it mean for you? The east coast supply shortage is worsening as QLD faces a critical shortfall. How can we address the supply gap?

Season 15, Episode 18

3.0 5 x
As the arts sector roars back to life, we bring together some of Australia's leading artists and thinkers to explore the future of the industry, insecure work plus the connection between creative expression and mental health.

Season 15, Episode 17

4.0 9 x
On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the historic Mabo decision, we reflect on what's been achieved since the High Court recognised Indigenous land rights. Stan Grant and the panel discuss an Indigenous voice to parliament.

Season 15, Episode 16 - New Politics

4.0 7 x
David Speers and the panel discuss an election result unlike any other - a change in government, a shift away from the major parties and an overwhelming endorsement of teal independents, driven by disillusioned female voters.

Season 15, Episode 15 - Countdown To The Election

3.0 9 x
With just days to go, the panel dissect the final countdown to the election. Scott Morrison promises to change his leadership style, housing emerges as a defining issue of the campaign, plus the independents and transparency.

Season 15, Episode 14 - The Undecideds

4.0 8 x
Undecided voters will play a key role this election and Q+A gives them the chance to shape the discussion. Early voting is now underway, and millions of Australians are expected to cast their vote ahead of election day.

Season 15, Episode 13 - Anthony Albanese

4.0 6 x
David Speers hosts a one-on-one special with Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, putting your questions to the Labor leader. Does he have what it takes to be Australia's next Prime Minister?

Season 15, Episode 12 - Brisbane Special

4.0 11 x
As we near the halfway point of the campaign, Q+A is in Australia's fastest growing city, Brisbane. Stan Grant and the panel discuss cost of living, national security and the China-Solomons pact, flood recovery and net zero.

Season 15, Episode 11 - Gladstone Special

4.0 31 x
Q+A is in Gladstone, central Queensland in the seat of Flynn, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Plus youth unemployment and the issues that matter to locals.