Season 13

Season 13, Episode 44 - The Year That Changed Us

3.2 114 x
2020 brought us drought, bushfires, the chaos of a pandemic and an economic recession that has changed the world, and all of us. All against a backdrop of a US election and deteriorating relations with China. (Final for 2020)

Season 13, Episode 43 - Live From Penrith

4.7 40 x
Western Sydney is booming, now the third largest economy in Australia. But COVID has hit hard - especially jobs - and it's a scenario faced by outer suburbs in many major cities where population booms but infrastructure lags.

Season 13, Episode 42 - Sex, Lies And A Better Politics

4.5 73 x
Its been a big week: allegations of sexual misconduct and a toxic culture for women in Canberra, Trump clings to power in a bizarre post-election campaign, Labor spats over climate policy and a potential vaccine breakthrough.

Season 13, Episode 41 - Malcolm Turnbull, Jenny Hocking, Bob Carr, Paul Kelly And Jan Fran

4.5 109 x
Malcolm Turnbull, Prof Jenny Hocking, Bob Carr, Paul Kelly and Jan Fran discuss Joe Biden's US election win, the 45th anniversary of Gough Whitlam's dismissal, Queensland election, Integrity Commission and national secrets.

Season 13, Episode 40 - Us Election: Trump V Biden

4.0 13 x
It's the contest that's captivating the world: Donald Trump v Joe Biden. Who will win the US Election and what does it mean for Australia? Will Trump once again defy his critics and the predictions and secure a second term?

Season 13, Episode 39 - An Ethical Australia? Accountability, Ethics And Leadership

3.0 33 x
In these challenging times, who holds the powerful to account? Are the standards of our leaders slipping? With public trust in our politicians and institutions at an all-time low, how do we achieve a more ethical Australia?

Season 13, Episode 38 - Social Disconnect

4.0 146 x
We post, tweet, like and share - but what are the consequences of our growing dependence on social media? With concerns over mental health and political disinformation, how do we retain the positive aspects of connectivity?

Season 13, Episode 37 - Anthony Albanese

3.0 39 x
One-on-one with the man who wants to be Prime Minister - Anthony Albanese. He takes your questions on how he'd lead Australia out of the pandemic, plus his alternative agenda including free childcare for low income earners.

Season 13, Episode 36 - Budget Special

4.0 96 x
It's one of the most important budgets in our history. How will the Government meet the challenge of the pandemic recession? How long will financial support remain in place? What is the plan to get Australia working again?

Season 13, Episode 35 - Road To Recovery

4.0 46 x
After the devastating impact of bushfires and COVID-19, what should our economic recovery plan look like? The government's Technology Roadmap sets out a gas-led recovery. All as Australia braces for the next bushfire season.