Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook Melbourne

July 2017

S1 Ep8

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Rachel wraps up her Melbourne immersion with a look into how the city is forging ahead with ground-breaking food trends. She meets a Thai couple that have crafted a passion for Asian fusion food with a unique all-day breakfast menu. She cooks with a...

S1 Ep7

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Rachel uncovers one of Melbourne’s hidden secret day trips when she heads for the hills and explores the Dandenong region. She meets up with passionate Argentinian chef Mauro from 'The Independent' restaurant, who she will cook alongside using local...

S1 Ep6

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Immigration has played a massive role in shaping the food scene of Melbourne. Rachel explores Melbourne’s melting pot of authentic cuisines, wandering through the Vietnamese areas, tracking down the popular suburban hot bed of all things Greek, and ...

S1 Ep5

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Melbourne prides itself on being the sporting capital of Australia. Rachel discovers what fuels the weekend warriors inside the city limits and shines the spotlight on the sports fanatics’ favourite gourmet fast food. She will cook with the city’s o...
June 2017

S1 Ep4

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Rachel continues her journey through the cuisine capital of Australia. In this episode, Rachel takes a break from city life and spreads her wings on a road trip to the Bellarine Peninsula, a region emerging as the new ‘it’ area for foodies seeking l...

S1 Ep3

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Rachel continues her journey through the cuisine capital of Australia. In this episode, she explores some of the city’s suburban pockets and discovers an open-hearted food community. First up Rachel meets a kindred spirit and discovers some of the t...

S1 Ep2

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Everything old is cool again in the Melbourne food scene. Rachel digs deep into retro Melbourne and discovers another side to its very hip and bohemian food scene. She visits a traditional century-old milk bar. She samples a new take on a quintessen...

S1 Ep1

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British food sensation Rachel Khoo travels around one of Australia’s most stimulating regions and immerses herself in the world-renowned foodie capital of Australia - Melbourne. In pursuit of new cooking ideas and inspirations, that she then often s...
September 2015

Salt-baked golden trout with lime risotto

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“Argentine chef Mauro Callegari of The Independent in Gembrook cooks a salt-baked golden trout fished from the nearby Australian Rainbow Trout Farm. Don’t be alarmed by the amount of salt used in this recipe - it forms a crust that seals in the mois...
August 2015

Mini custard filo pastries

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“These pastries are my version of a traditional sweet Greek dish called galaktoboureko. It might be a hard word to say, but the combination of creamy semolina custard, crunchy buttery filo and fragrant syrup is definitely not hard to eat! If you can...